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I Lend Myself To You

Respect, I can give without losing a bit. Some left over What to do with it? Same with love And God above. There’s alot. Alot to give.

Just A Hankering To Change The Internet

Jesus, the float did not work And dude was that jerk That would let things be as they were. Dude didn’t care. He said you must beware. When you don’t care, I can’t and I won’t.

When You Wake Up Moving Forward

The car beside him Reversed fast. Buddy thought he hit the gas. But in park, he’s still, alas, Buddy ain’t going nowhere. No sense, already bin there. It’s a bad moo-vie Anyone can see All you do is don’t move Stay there…

Happy And Merry Ain’t Here! Go Home!

Really no reason to get all upset. Lost fair and square Your little bet. Course, now comes a time of large regret. You gotta pay dem dues. Doin’ doze tings you’d choose Not to do if you could. But says life den you shoulda Looked at your actions. See sums and then some Times you […]

Like An Upside Down Funnel On A Coffee Cup

Life goes up and remembers forward Starts right there in the ground. An ant, a worm, a disgusting bug Buddy, you’ve been around. And each life time You remembered up Like a funnel pointing skyward On a coffee cup Life remembers forward and Life goes up. Ants have no memory of humans or birds Can’t […]

No Sign Of Heaven

Hell has signs. Lots of signs. Hell has signs to make up minds. Hey NO ENTRY! YOU STAND HERE! Hell has signs about drinking beer. NOT TOO EARLY! NOT TOO LATE! Hell has signs like CLOSE THIS GATE! TOO FAST! TOO SLOW! Hell says STOP! And when to GO! Ya, you’ll know. If you’re so […]

Your Keys Are Lost And Your Mind Is With Them

Pick the right key And the lock is picked. Choose the right road And reality, tricked, Will grant you riches of a hundred men. Pick you right up and then again Bring you back down Back to earth. Riding in that limo Some call a hearse.

Killin’ Mama

You died slow like One day at a time. And a death that slow Ain’t no damn crime. In fact, when time is on rewind. You’ll find you’re in heaven. You will be forgiven. Just you don’t remember. You were always there. All this here Is make believe. There was never any need to grieve. […]

Bigfoot Budday

I feel your thinking I have been drinking The thinking koolaid The thinking you laid Like a sidewalk there. Said you think sideways Said there are no days Said there are all ways But up and down. You’ll come around. Once you have found. That’s what it is.

Of Matters Not

They lie, they do and you stay true Even though it matters not. They have made their mind And while it seems unkind To them, it matters not. They see their way and pave the day With hard imagined facts. If you look away You will see that they Look a different way That sucks.

Whoa Motherfucker! They Said To Me!

They always said whoa to me. They said; Whoa behind my back. Said whoa, Without us, You’re facked. Said we ain’t helpin’ none You’re cracked. Said go ahead jumpin’ to it, You’re backed. Said I ain’t leave no trace. I ain’t need no base. Said me? I am yo face! Said you, I can’t displace […]

Marijuana – Wild Mexican Tobacco!

Oh, we gonna have some big fun tonight! Our cheeks will hurt. We’ll double dessert. People will stare. We’ll try not to care. ‘Cause there baby we’re High as fuck.