1992: The Year The Earth Started Cleaning Out Its Closet

February 2013.

The pope says he can’t do it anymore. He wants out da hot seat. 

Does our pontifical pal have premonition?

1992 – 2012. Some of the largest companies from every industry in the world admit to corruption and mismanagement. Companies no one would ever imagine.

2012. Lance Armstrong, a dude who incredibly made a gazillion dollars riding a bicycle smack dab in the middle of the age of air travel, admitted corruption.

2012. Sports teams all over the place admitted corruption.

2012. Banks admitted global corruption.

2013. Companies mired in corruption and misguided, shortsighted management continue to reap huge profits off the backs of financially battered customers.

2014. Customers start waking up to the fact that they have been getting jacked to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars which now sits in fat cat banks.

2015. Customers take back their control by purposefully purchasing from small, local producers and repeat wearing last years shit

2016. The model of biggest is best begins to break and materialism starts to lose its grip.

2017. We push our way out of this quagmire by empowering individuals, being determined and seeing more of ourselves in each other while everyone acts like no one has insurance.

Thank you, friend

Barry out.

March 9, 2013 so there.

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