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And Then One Day I Decided To Stop Shooting

A thought crept through my mind the other Day and I wondered if just dragging this memory Through the mud would clean it up or change Anything but bullets don’t change opinions They only allow people to say what Words will and must not. Otherwize wordz’d work and up to now no Way on they’re […]

I’m Like Oh Yeah, I’m An Adult, I Can Do What I Want. Hah Hah. Hah hah Hah hah.

Freedom definitely comes at some price but Its mostly at the expense of things we Know and while that in itself is a Big enough price to pay few Folks are asking & even Less seem concerned About the total cost. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

When Past And Future Meet That Right There Is A Head Slam

People who don’t have to wait for yesterday To catch up with them today are just Folks who have learned to Anticipate word for Word rather Than day 2 day. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Tell Us All Here Now Why Youse Sneak Away To Woik?

When people do what they want Ain’t no keepin’ ’em at rest On account of folks feelin’ Energized just by being. Whoever they Ar-Are. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

We Don’t All Have To Be The Same Age

Only three questions must be answered before any person can know whether what they are about to attempt might be Right or Wrong and those are: 1. Will anything be injured? 2. Where Are Youz and 3. What Time Is it Der? Because these three main factors have determined Righteous thought and wholesome co-operation Of […]

Peek A Boo Hoo

Why can’t we be pals people? How come you feel Driven to look Through my Winder? Thank you, friend. Barry

Ignorance Is No Excuse Unless You Is Ignent

Hey Buddy – Get In Line! Countries, large corporations and organizations beyond one hundred and fifty souls seem to think that complementary relationships are a one way street. They expect every advocate to know and respect their operational guidelines, culture and philosophies Without giving much thought to how faithful followers lives function or whether Individuals […]

Just Because Something Ain’t There Don’t Mean Its Missing

Some real things maybe shouldn’t be   Lots of folks get upset over nothing when they contemplate reality. They imagine that some thing, person or circumstance is Lacking and then proceed to dither over whether Existence as we know it can continue with Such an obvious chunk wanting. Quite Often by accident people discover That […]

Life Don’t Go Anywhere But Everywhere

Give me a hint of what to write here please. Anything. Just something and I’ll start From there and work my way out. Okay, go ahead dear writing Lord working with only Me and me only… Go ahead pls. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Our Atmosphere Is Squeezing The Life Out Of Us. Where’s Yours Going?

After Right Now Is A Place To Remember Some on the level folks who think their burden is a tough load would be better off if they got down more or occasionally a tad higher. See, everything below us or slightly above on the hill of life is where the real heavy lifting happens. This […]

Living Well Takes Practice Practice Practice

Few folks accomplish everything the first time out. Especially with their high expectation of time. Because GREAT demands plenty ‘o time. And takes as much as it needs, too. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Changing The World Is As Easy As Choosing A Different Favorite Color

Every boat has a captain and whatever he / she says is law. The thinking goes that in order to maintain some semblance of certainty, this is the way it must be. For a few sailors under Cappy’s direct command it will be quite easy to see First hand how unlikely and difficult it is […]

How Things Work: First Complicated Then Simple and Then Complicated Again

Hows your lunch boy? You don’t want it? Our world don’t do right angles any more than it bounces though space. Of course, anyone residing on earth would be hard pressed to figure out if our sphere was indeed bouncing by simply monitoring one spinning globe – no matter how much they could learn about […]

Kicking Evil’s Arse One Friggin Country At A Time Hooah!

Everybody on page sixty-seven? Good! The powers that be (TPTB) are tough-loving the world everywhere in an effort to eradicate The Devil And His Minions. Just recently another dastardly despot was dispatched in a fairly YouTube Manner which surely must have the remaining enfants terrible shivering in their Hoof covers. As far as we have […]

The Pervasive Fractionalization Of Society Is Good For Big Biz Boyz

When it rains it pours and if we happen to live somewhere cold this event is called snow. Now snow, for those of us that don’t know, doesn’t just run to the lowest point Like water. Nope, this nefarious crap takes direction from sidewalks and Driveways because that’s where it crazily piles up necessitating a […]

Want A Taste Of Big Boy Juice? Be A Forgiving Simon Says Leader First, Okay?

Its a game dawg. Lighten up. Most children learn about soul power early and they exercise it often. Unwritten rules demand that the first playa to stamp their foot on Home plate while shouting “Black magic I’m first!” naturally Secures the primary spot in whatever game is being Played and every tot perceives that a […]

Living In The Wild Wild Quest

Okay, can anyone else think of a reason we should be happy? A three bathroom house with two people living in it is normal Because these daze folks can’t wait to empty their organs And its good to have a few gasket rooms for you and Your partner when pressures get too high or a […]

Having Similar Equipment Means Squat – Its Formation That Wins The Day

Holy! Edward! Ats not gonna work – too slippery. Most struggles are won or lost based on two main factors – organization and luck. Those folks walking on the less fortunate side of life need to invest more thought Into how they distribute resources because what goes where when Matters significantly to the outcome of […]

Surfing My Father’s Wave Of Anguish

Sometimes its okay and other times I can barely contain the disruptive memory of my father’s final torment. Just daze before he winked out of existence a surge of alien emotion washed over him So powerfully that it threatened to dredge everyone in his party from Sanity Beach into The murky abyss of Annihilation Bay. […]

Only My Spouse Gives Me Direction & I Can Just Barely Stand Even That

There is a limit to how many direct influences some people can accept. Just like our ability to carry X amount of weight or pull this size Of load, each of us is endowed with the capacity to accept So much guidance. After that, folks begin to feel full And eventually start running over hopefully […]

Introducing Horace Mail – When It Absolutely Must Take Weeks To Get There

Its all predictable and many people are feeling the burden of prolonged pressure. When everything gets wound up as tight as it can it comes undone And that’s exactly what is happening with our too fast time. (TFT) Things are happening too quickly – faster than we can Respond and so it is only natural […]

Poka-Yoke Protects Single Basket Eggs From Premature Cracking

Sometimes people do not purposely set themselves up for failure. Folks continue to collapse on account of not ensuring the Stuff required for success isn’t situated in such a way That tangles progress and trips anyone up who Follows in their footsteps. Unbenounced to Almost all who travel this path is a tiny Bit of […]

Successful Control Freaks Regulate Their Own Juices First

If a person is having a tough time getting others to follow their lead Its usually not the destination but the mode of travel that holds Budding sycophants back. Mastery of the flesh begins with Command of the mind which contributes to dominion Of thought both internal through clear pondering And external through precise utterances […]

Holy Criminy! Don’t Tell Me The Old Country’s Politicians Are Crooked, Too!

To me the current global economic climate feels Just like two days before rent day and all of Us know that dad drank every bit of rent Money last week. Yessir, we all know What happened but no one is Saying a peep about it. Especially father. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Scandal the European […]

The Toughest Person In The World To Work For Is Yourself

Self employed folks don’t have to work. Of course, they have to work but not right this minute And self discipline is the most critical component Of self direction and just happens to also Be the very thing every one of us Could use plenty more of or We’d be our own bosses Instead of […]

Happy Motoring With The Check Engine Light On

Two warning sirens blaring R better than one Because each now is only worth 50% of Our attention which necessitates Setting priorities and right Away devalues one of The emergencies. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

You Have No Idea How Often I’ve Used You

I bet most folks being referred to in history have no idea how often their name would be taken. In vain or otherwise. Still, someone stood On their shoulders Otherwise they wouldn’t no Who to Call. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

You Beat Me. Dude Beats You. I Beat Dude. I Beat You, Too. Get It?

  No doubt valuable life lessons are learned through playing sports. Hail, it seems normal to send our kids away to teach them the Wisdom of Being. However, if it were true that younguns Were indeed learning supportive values and codes Of conduct then hints of having experienced These valuable life skills will have made […]

If We’re Playing With A Full Deck Why Not Let Everyone See All The Cards?

Remiss would be too nice a word to describe moms and dads who disregard the safety of their offspring. Keeping your trap shut when folks you care about face danger ain’t an option for caring guardians. In fact, the lack of concern for charges is tantamount to causing wrongful death and Every adroit employer, commander […]

You Think Humans Don’t Respond To Instinct? You’re Kidding, Right?

Birds, bears and bees all head south. One day they’re north and One day they’re not. In between are all Them itsy bitsy Conundrums. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Now what the fuck does he mean by that?! Stephen Lynch – Craig Everyone knows Jesus The guy who healed the lame. Well, I am Jesus’ […]