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Human Ingenuity Knows No Bounds So Don’t Stand There Please

Leave some folks with a hammer for a week and you’ll come back to a new city. All people regardless of shape, size or color have the entire universe Within their minds and all it takes to get the party started is two People communicating. After that its wide open as to what May occur […]

Nuff Said Already

I wish I could write a story that was better than this picture but I’m trying to keep my missives short. And this fable is already too long. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Me, Myself and Eye Eye Captain R The Main Producers Of Shite (TMPOS)

Once I catch my memory I ain’t so quick to condemn. People much smarter than me are making all kinds Of mistakes that only dude from his high horse Can see. Then what occurs to me as a pretty Important surprise is that for the want Of the right solution for the right Reason at […]

Oh No Sir, First You Give Me Pelts, Then You Get Peas And PeaShooters. Alright?

Lack of trust starts with more suspect interaction and Progresses to less contact and soon everyone Expects heat before gathering the would Which holds us all far enough apart That we pay so very dearly To even get together. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Columbus discovering america was not about one person and neither is […]

We Have Photos, Sound and Bill Clinton Saying You Licked A Chicken’s Arse

Lee Harvey Oswald taking it home Nov 24, 1963 There was a time when photographic evidence was the shit. Someone had film of you with that nameless goat and there was no getting around the fact that you might be a tad more Billy friendly than anyone judging your lifestyle. Then, out of the blue […]

Bottled Water Was Going To Be Valuable Someday Just Uh, Not Today

As we slowed down to view the crime scene, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Every one of the dozen or so pallets of bottled water was still shrink wrapped and in pristine condition. And this water was sitting there for the taking beside a busy raven playground self storage facility in Kamloops, British Columbia. Just […]

Lets Say You Fail To Perform Your Job 37% Of The Time. Would You Still Have One?

Correction Service of Canada Recidivism Rate 2009 Thirty years ago I was an unwilling guest of the Correction Service of Canada for one long day. For twelve hours as prisoner number 8675309 I soaked up the ambiance of inmate life. To exist longer than a flesh in the pen it was obvious to me that […]

Point Out This Person Who Is Not Corrupt And Together We Shall Compromise Them

If somebody knows about a hole in the road and says nothing Is that silence not the cause of further suffering? We are all infected with the protection Of less than admirable behavior so There’s little doubt that each of Us is playing our role in a saga Of cover-ups and twisted truth Which started […]

We Are Not Equal And Everyone Bloody Well Knows This

Expecting someone weak and frail to carry a heavy load is barbarous Yet we have been fooled into thinking that all people are the same. Humans are as different as the parts required to make a watch Automobile or wheel. And it takes all the variations we Can muster to be able to pull off […]

Robin Hood Was Supposed To Deliver What We’re Still Waiting For

Humans invent gods as if there was a limitless supply of those whom we imagine will save us. The Lone Ranger, Superman and Wonder Woman are just a few guardians we look to for rescue. Unfortunately, these heroes have more than just us to worry about and that bodes. Not well for our hopes of […]

Naked Short Selling Has Squat To Do With Being Naked, Short or Virtuous Sales

Dudes who walk around speaking in code usually have some good reason for doing so. Maybe its because they don’t want the populace to know what they are thinking. Often these brutes act like this in deference to the society they invade And manifest minimal respect for the culture of the unfortunate Souls whom they […]

Wanted: A Few Good Men With Strong Minds & Backs To Move 15 Million People

This boom changed the world forever Gimme an F. Gimme an I. Gimme an R. Gimme an E. Tell us what ya get?! Thats right… burned stuff. This is exactly what is happening in Japan. Fine folks and innocent kids are frying. And there ain’t a blamed thing we. Can do about it except watch. […]

Sometimes A Person Don’t Need To Have Their Pants Down To Be Caught Naked

Some folks can see the good in any tragedy. Keywrecked? I was six years old when dude took a head shot. He was far from perfect but he had this. Urge to identify with the common. But not too common man. In certain plazas this. Is not encouraged. Thank you, friend. Barry out. When power […]

Religion and Jewelry Are Plenty Fine But Lets Not Lose Our Heads Over Them

And Its Canine Kin For Men Folks who prefer different colors are not our enemies. In fact, they bring new and different shades to reality. Blue is not wrong nor white right any more than. The light of day is better than dark of night. And all the disagreeing in the world. Will never change the […]

Allowing Disrespect To Flourish Is Like Taunting A Friendly Dog

Rude starts wars, most scraps and continues to keep lawyers relevant. If we allow anyone to direct us via ignorance AND WE FOLLOW. Another human has been doomed to time teaching. Self defeating methods of surviving the ride. Until no one engaged is left standing. And anyone prone is learning. How best to operate life. […]

As A Turnip Must Have and Spoils In The Sunlight, I Need You

Shade lasts but a short time on account of all things being in motion. Fortunately, rays from the life influencing orb act similar. Too much good is as tough as plenty ‘o bad. We shall dwell on neither & exist. Just continue being real. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Drag Your Past Forward Uh, Through Here

Been through good times? Bring it on neighbor! Seen some bad? Spew pally. Thank you, friend. Barry out

Don’t Frick Around With A Nearly Scientologist. Okay?

So you’re selling flags at the side of the rode one day. And somebody stops to talk to you. What you gonna really say pal? Capt. Hubbard duhbird? Err Tom Schmooze? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Wisdom Plus Shite Changes Everything

Getting smart is not something that can be easily measured. Realized – for sure. Understood. Unlikely. Why – most r too scared to ask. How come you’re not? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

If This Is Your Stick, Why So Sharp?

We gotta be careful what we lean on. Slopes work won way only. And they’re slippery. You agree no? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Watch Yourself Because Humans Have Fallen in These Wouldas

Does someone thrashing about in the shoulda-coulda regrets thicket (SCRT) make a sound? Maybe, but for certain during the fall from grace a better plan will reveal itself. Folks ought to avoid laying where they fell without leaving a stain. Provide clear coordinates so people can notice your mark. From here any may strike off […]

Attention: The Wholly Ghosted True Master Of You My Friend

As soon as we recognize the previously subliminal / secret programs running in our lives. Its time for us to determine which to run and whether to push play, repeat or pause. We must also be ready to stink / sweep out every closet because the. Janitor’s key allows entry to spaces most folks would […]

Regardless, Press ON!

Life is tougher for people who haven’t adopted a motto. Like a short sentiment some call personal prayer. Consider it a single thought boost that’ll help. Get past any bit ‘o misguided bitching. By focusing all remaining energy. On the mind set necessary. To continue forward. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Eminem – My Darling […]

Acting Ourselves Is Not Enough – The Secret Lies In Becoming Someone Else

If necessity is the mother of invention, lets call imitation father. Few folks get far in life on their own potential alone because existence requires less effort to follow the paths set out by others. Without a doubt each avenue of life can be improved but we must first be willing to take up the […]

Pots Don’t Boil So We Must Be Certain To Watch The Right Thing

Individual people don’t change much on their own unless we’re closely monitoring them. However, folks are extremely malleable through environmental forces and often without conscious awareness their insides begin boiling, toiling and troubling to conform to the pressures shaping reality. Before they know it, energy applied to the outside warms up the inside. Next, a […]

Epigenetic Engineering – Time To Bend And Blow Our Own Damn Horns

There’s a good chance we wear different clothing than our parents. We live in separate towns, listen to different music and eat a different diet. In fact, even ejecting from the loins of our parents we are different from them in many ways, most which lie just beyond the limen of awareness. Interestingly, many of […]

Whar Yuh Want Ta Woik? Tar Pits Or Up To Ur Arse in Crocodiles Mine?

Places you might want to awoid cleek here Believe it or not, there was a time before internet (TBI). Folks back then had only rumors and oral tradition to guide them. Today we’ve got something entirely different and incredibly powerful. This easy to use tool allows us to steer clear of modern minefields. By knowing […]

Without The Good Bad Guyz There’d Be Fewer Bad Bad Guyz & More Good Guyz

Most folks understand that pretending to work is not the best way to get anything done. Modern law enforcement officials however, feel different about this than we do and go to elaborate and expensive lengths to set any stage for what they euphemistically call a sting. (tingle tangling with John Q.) Prostitutes – cops look […]

When The Wolf Sees Us First We Cannot Help Being Struck Stupid

Most folks understand that they can have relatives, diseases and possessions. What they fail to recognize is something akin to a plague facing mankind. Humans have predators resembling neither sheep nor canis lupus. They’re friendly and helpful while we’re crossing the street. But reaching the other side we will notice bared teeth. A smile once […]


Shites happening today that no one would have stood for two decades ago. Like folks being billed to spend, deposit or access their own funds. Keeping books is one thing but charging the book owners to look at them is crazy and valueless. Unless you prefer extortion and have traded your priceless human spirit. For […]