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It Wasn’t Quite Four Hundred Lights But Still A Sight To Remember. Remember?

    About three hundred brights ago a dream spilled from me growing It splished and splashed while I, still high on deck Unfurled the sails and when my back was turned it over-boarded knowing Soon all that remained was serious praying for the smashed now to become meshed.   About two hundred brights ago […]

Sure, Name Every Branch Or Flower If You Like But The Mustard Still Gotta Be Cut

The clock is ticking, time waits for no person and what comes around goes around. Life wringer outers will recognize this sure-fire road map to the loonie bin and damn good wages as long as one don’t mind slopping the hawgs or cleaning up the barn cycle in and cycle out. Here is also from […]

Speaking BeeYach And Son-Of-A-BeeYach

Some folks require a lot of interpretation. Like they’re chinese trying to talk canadian. Or smart trying to talk financial. You get the idea in that we all have at least some room to make up our own story because truth does exist in the eye of the beholder. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Unless […]

There’s A Humming Coming From The Homeless Person’s Living Room

Vampeers do exist and while they initially seem similar to average folks their selfish intentions give them away on account of them saying and acting as if they own everything and everyone which often means they run roughshod through what they perceive to be their own personal playground. Sometimes this occurs exactly where we are […]

With The Right Kind Of Doctor Every Goose Can Be Eaten On Sight

Michael Jackson is done writing tunes. Dude still speaks hear and there though. He talks shite about folks making stuff up and other folks making up stuff. And of course being stopped before spreading. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Michael Jackson – Motherfucker wrote 120 tunes for every album released. One hundred and fucking twenty. […]

To The Degree We Can Resist Cravings & Desires While Knowing Them, That Be Us

Most folks are unaware of who or how their lives are controlled. In fact our predictability is so great that the only hope any of us have of making our mark depends on our ability and willingness to rally the very traits which have been unquestioningly foisted upon us by devil lution in the form […]

Don’t Believe Everything You Think Because It Might Not Be You Thinking

This picture is worth at least one hundred and fifty of our scariest words. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Whatever It Is We Are Supposed To Get I Don’t

I’m like baffled at times. I don’t know what. What I say! What? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Destiny? Destiny Who?

My wife mucho talks to herself. She talks back to herself, too. Me, I tippy, tap, tap, tap. Are we both crazy? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

With Intelligence The Yardstick Numbers Move

Two dudes forced to sit side a side at a table. One talk crap, udder speak crapola. Both heading naw for the pissers And brangin allo shite out. Edden doe shoedn’t be. Who come? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Go With The Body What Brung Ya

It wouldn’t be right for everyone to be the same height or eye color and weight also lives in that ballpark. Thank you, friend. Barry out

Here A Hierarchy – There A Hierarchy. Everywhere A Friggin Hierarchy.

Chickens follow a pecking order and whenever there is a pack of dawgs, one or more of them is scratching / biting or licking their way to the top. This innate will to power rides shotgun for the life force which okays everything in this town and anyone who thinks otherwise will in short order […]

Surfucking Rounded By Dilly Dallies

I just say this to myself because I can. Nobody cares and nobody cares that nobody cares. Ahmed gonna mak this look lak a boat hull cause ah don gee a shite. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Everytime I Try To Be Someone Else I Get Into Trouble Not Them

A fucking thumb tack? I’ll give you a thumb tack! Oh how I wish I knew why I must walk the perimeter. The bottom is right there, I can see it as if it were plain as day still that electric current zaps my guts magnetizing my wings & clenching both fists tilting me closer […]

In Retail Heaven 1.1 Everything Is 55% Off

The Ultimate better not be The End All Be All sans improvements or bored will definitely be on the menu. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Dorkish Personalities Are Mental Afflictions For Which Allowances Must Be Made

Short folks can illicit a pile of empathy from absolute strangers. As dwarfs they attract almost every eyeball in their vicinity and there is not a dang thing can be done about it except getting real with the fact that people act as they do and if there was any way else for life to […]

We Are A Funnel Through Which Life Flows So Start Spilling & Spouting Off

Musical instruments are almost always made to exacting standards. Every one of these beautiful, incredible machines is bent on creating vibes only if they are plucked, strummed or whispered through and the type of sound generating contraption that requires hammering is reduced to the very smallest possible number as striking works only for a minor […]

It’s A Collect Call From Another Dimension. Will You Accept The Charge?

Geographically and metaphorically speaking – wherever we go, there we are. Its just us. Hanging out right there in dimensions three and four. If a person can manage to twinkle their nose so as to navigate dimension five, their days of doing the life twister in future gawd-forsaken back-watered hell-hole towns / companies / relationships […]

First The Dogs Were Trained. Then Oxen and Horses. Now They’re Onto US.

Conquistador Pizarro utilized hounds to subdue a continent. Like the best lawyers money can buy these mastiffs went straight for the guts of their targets and once these puppies were set lose anyone would feel very fortuitous indeed to be a good distance from their slippery doings. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

The Depression Party Requires No RSVP

Happiness is more difficult to keep to oneself than unhappiness. Tongues would have to be bitten and many eyes squinted if this were not the standard path of existence. Why, some folks absolutely cannot help jumping for joy and shouting Hello Everybody! from the dang rooftops when they are ecstatic and they invest even less […]

Before Long No One Will Be Hitting Anyone And Nothing Will Get Done

My spoiling was not the result of any rods being spared at home. Rather, I was spoiled through the understanding of the voluntary nature behind my parents employing violence as a tool of influence. The instant I realized these people had the ability to utilize other avenues to claim righteousness but chose not to, I […]

The Day I Asked The Lord For Help The Beggar Wasn’t Taking Calls

My father received plenty of assistance from the christian god but me, I got nothing much to write home about. Perhaps this result has something to do with the fact that pops inquired about load carrying aid every friggin day for 30 plus winters while I anxiously pleaded for a wee bit of a boost […]

The Aim Of Anguish

Folks think because pain comes from somewhere that it ought to go somewhere. They should tell that to a squid or anything caught in a gun hunter’s sight because those beggars know that pain(t) stays wherever its sent and given a place to rest it lays its lazy head down to get comfy and craves […]

Say Why Did U Say What You Did What U Did? Say Why Did You Say What U Did?

There is a good reason why no one should verbalize anything they don’t want to make real. Especially if it ain’t positive or helpful to the long view. Instantly when something’s name is mentioned it bounds into existence and even if no one besides ourselves is listening those sounds conjure concepts which then automatically create […]

Free Word Blowjobs! Free Word Blowjobs!

Apparently some folks are addicted to sex. Having never had the occasion to be trapped by such a heretic one can only imagine how awful it must feel to serve such a vibrant task master but upon further consideration such a disturbance might also be compared with incessant brown nosing which in itself can lead […]

Outcome Collapsers Should Be Aimed With Care But Certainly Must Be Aimed

A study called The Hawthorne Effect claims that watching folks alters their behavior. Most parents don’t need such high falutin social experiments to understand that the instant their backs are turned their precious little darlings will be doing everything in their power to break all hell loose. And anyone who has ever been asked to […]

Soldiers Work Where Newspapers Don’t So For Readers Let The Good Times Roll!

“Don’t eat that Aylmer, that’s horse shit.” Before he lost his mind furiously battling in the mall division of the global religious war, that’s what my father would say to warn me against believing everything I heard. It was good advice because a person can see and hear a lot today and if they ain’t […]

I Love My Leg Lots & Don’t Think About It That Much Either

Air, luck and caring concern are important. Usually not critical until we need them, though. Aaynd sheesh, do we ever need ’em now … Who looking after yours? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Ain’t These The Folks We Was Sent To Help? I Asked My Rotary Brother…

Sneaking blood out of a stone is a wondrous talent. You have to be able to mobilize rock, though. And exchange something shiny. Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

Toes Have Most Of Their Friggin Daze Off But We Can’t Stand Good Without Them

Me gettin beat down? That’s Ludicrous. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Like your best firefighters and police alive everywhere.