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If I Project What You’re Projecting Whose Lambs And Who Is Ivy?

Sometimes my wife makes me so angry. Well, that’s how she causes me to feel anyway. Surely if reality were somehow different I would have twigged onto the transference trap she is constantly laying for me but no, my life partner is far too cagey to be caught out this way. Instead, she plots and […]

Pipers Sometimes Don’t Require Payment But There’s No Way Out of Owing Them.

Most folks assume hangovers are the cost of  bargaining with inebriation. This ain’t so and not a good thing for a lot of folks to know. In fact, you didn’t hear if from me. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

The Purpose Of Life Remains Visible From Every Rung On The Ladder

The vast majority of folks easily understand that crap rolls downhill. What many fail to recognize is someone lives there. We spend too much time trying to figure out why life is even a thing and while this is most definitely a noble adventure it can equally be contemplated from our rightful perch on the […]

Housekeeping – Ezine Stats For Masterclass students

Gawd bless you folks for continuing. We’re like minnows in a shark pond it ain’t easy here. Are you sure you’re in the right place? Don’t you think you should have turned back and where would you be if you did? Thank you, John Thornhill. Barry out.

Its A STRAW That Breaks The Camel’s Back Not Tense and Burning Sprays

Most folks have no idea how little effort is needed to change someone’s mind. A decent ripper of a fart or even just a deep belch in the right person’s presence will alter their opinion of you. And sometimes alter it forever if you can manage both at the same time … But really, to […]

If You’re Crazy And You Know It Grit Your Teeth

Saskatchewan, Canada is not a good place for folks to lose their mind. Not if they care about its timely return anyway. A couple of weeks ago I found myself desperately wading alongside that cracked canoe and shortly after receiving a double surely meaningful grunt coupled with a medicinally flavored glance from my kinda disengaged […]