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And Yes, I Agree We Are All More Intelligent Than Each Other

Few folks think that anyone is smarter than them. These people should probably not be parents but they are and everywhere a person goes they will find humans that not only feel superior but also act inferior to prove it, kinda confusing the whole issue. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

The Thing That Tempers My Toying With You Is That WaterBoarding Stuff

Many folks have been tortured. They’ve been paid squat for hard work or forced to trade hours for loot but employing everything someone has then stretching them out seems unacceptable. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Like I’m The Only Person Who Is Whacked

Most folks know slack is the easiest thing cut. And yet few people are willing to automatically reel it out because they never got enough themselves and daggnabbit, why give anything we never got! Please say there is no reward for witches because a jewish black weetch just moved into our poor complex. Thank you, […]

Don’t Keel Me. There Is A Cheaper, Better And Less Messy Way.

Most folks are willing to make a deal. They see an opportunity to profit or to reduce risk and even smart people in this predicament can make questionable moves but I assure you, buy these words and you get my silence. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Great! Three Main Personalities And Two Are Drunks!

Many folks prepare at least somewhat for adversity. They might have a first aid kit and maybe planned how everyone will scatter or meet somewhere safe if no one is hunting them because flash floods, hurricanes and a fair-weather friend migration can cause all kinds of havoc and is anyone watching our toilet paper levels? […]

What I’ve Been Meaning To Say Is I’m Trapped Above This Chinese Laundry

Many folks think they know their place. Then, it turns out that their “place” has “changed” and they see the pony they just road in on & know bloody well that the same hoss ain’t going to get them out unless we attract those favorable gusts and enough billowing breezes to fills everyone’s sails. Thank […]

We Gotta Climb Out Of Our Own Stories Because Does Anyone Wanna Be Trapped?

Most folks realize they are similar to their parents. The most well adjusted beings also understand that they can be the absolute opposite of their mentors and how much of a good thing that can be but what they then forget is that they are often setting the same example for their keedz who no […]

Instead Of Constantly Taking Off Make Time To Level Out

Most folks know we can’t climb forever. Stairs, the corporate ladder and every aircraft plays by the same rule and when we feel we are immune to this stalling is rat around the corner. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

And What Will We Do With Our Amazing Machine? Well, So Far We Don’t Know…

Most folks understand that heavier than air objects can fly. A few decades ago this was not only thought ludicrous but many people died attempting to do something so foolhardy that only idiots and idiot barn storming death-wishers would ever do and that is even board an aircraft let alone with enough people to create […]

Why I Want People To Think I Am Crazy By Barry L. Williams

Most folks want others to think well of them. Me, not so much. Actually, I could give a rat’s petunia what other people think as long as they do and is this blouse too revealing on me? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

$99 Saved On Eavestrough Cleaning Then BOOM Dude Hits The Ground With A Thud

Many folks can see the future. They don’t call it “seeing the future” though on account of it being second nature they experience as anticipation. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Yep, it happens jis lak dat.

More Valuable Than Riches Yet None Should Be Dug For

Most folks understand that one good turn deserves another. Unfortunately, the same does not hold true when it comes to one bad turn deserves another on account of bad guys not wanting to pay their pipers. Course, we could say the same holds true of every dude who purposefully avoids enriching others due to a […]

Clumsy Means You’re Ahead Of Yourself. Just Stop And Take A Step Back.

Many folks understand that body function drops off over time. First, we lose our ability to listen (usually around age 12) and right after it goes our willingness to run fast for very long. Pretty soon believing anything we are told flies out the window and this new thing called cynicism sneakily slips into our […]

If We Couldn’t Dispose Of Dog Shit For One Hundred Thousand Years

Most folks know about nuclear energy plants and how safe they are. And for the most part, these energy production facilities are in decent shape, even though they are equivalent to driving a 1970 Oldsmobile station wagon in 2012. What should be nagging on us though, is not the fact that we’re driving an older, […]

If You Don’t Live Inside Your Head Then Quite Likely You Are Outa Here!

Many folks are able to think beyond themselves. Some can even go so far as to slip out of their own body and directly into the shoes of another, no matter what the foot size, color or location. These people see a completely different world from that of many of their fellow travelers because they […]

For Them Afraid Of What Might Be Said And Terrified Of What Probably Won’t

Many folks know much more than they let on. They are not “playing stupid”. Nope, these people are allowing the restricted view of others to drive a belief system which permits them to sit back and watch reality unfold because somewhere inside all this wrapping lies hidden a real attention getter. Thank you, friend. Barry […]

And Where Is The Line-up For The Non Curious?

Most folks appreciate knowing what is happening around them. They watch not only their own P’s and Q’s but pay attention to the letters uttered by their comrades because they know that foxes will be seen by the perimeter chickens first and they will begin clucking like there is no tomorrow because for them birds […]

Dude For Sure Was One Strange Cat Who Meowed Until The Band Beat Bad

Most folks know to act within parameters. They don’t want to be caught out of line lest someone attempt to put them in their place at which point they’d likely realize that they have no need to be anywhere else other than this moving spot called now. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Yer Farce Shall Be Countered Grandma Says

Most people think little about their heritage. This is unfortunate because their past has brought them to this very place that no one ought to be by accident. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Oh Yeah!?

Now Entering Peace Nation Of “Enter Name Here” And We DO NOT Use Force. Okay?

Most folks know when someone is standing too close. Different cultures have alternate distances for sure, but when extreme techniques come into play like yelling to make one’s point or admonishing when one obviously is out of their thought league because they don’t know shite’s already gone awry. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Don’t.  

Not Willing To Go Sideways? Okay, But You Do See What’s Straight Ahead Rat?

Many people were not blessed enough to experience long play vinyl albums. These unfortunates will never know how easy it is for a record to skip and how the head picks right up from where it lands. They will also not be familiar with the skipping action that occurs when a stylus gets stuck in […]

Even Middlemen Don’t Like Middlemen

Most folks want everything to cost less. They’d also like it to be here yester day and have someone carry it to the car if possible. And please say this is what we’ll get next time cause lately shite’s been too variable. Y’know? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Tom Jones Says Keel Dem Keel Dem An TJ Ain’t Alone At All

Many folks believe that “killer songs” exist. Do they? Bet your national anthem they do. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Then With A Wink And A Swoop He Ruled The Entire Mummer’s Farce

Most folks proudly vote. They know that participation in politics is limited and wanting to exercise every opportunity to have their voice heard and add what ever small support they are able to they mark their ballot with gusto in an effort to create a better world for us all. However, if those same folks […]

So Damn Much Empathy It Hurts

Most folks can feel the need of others. Some of us experience this want so keenly that we might cry without reason and speak in the early language of blubbering which most of us in present times see as “pull yourself together man.” Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Real Life Ain’t REAL LIFE The Old Druggie Hollered As They Dragged Dude Away

Most folks are secure in their existence. They know what will be happening at 8 AM on Monday and also 9:57 PM on March the eighteenth because that’s when John and I first proposed so we thought we’d book a vacation in Florida so’s we could both wind up in some slime covered swamp drenched […]

Nobody Talks Shit In Bizzness Meetings Yet Shit Is What Bidness Wades Through

Most folks understand that business meetings occur where business does not. Its usually quiet, clean and everybody has a coffee and is comfortable with a wee bit or a bunch of pleasant small talk taking up a fair bit of space everywhere but in the minutes and before everyone breaks for a great lunch maybe […]

And Once I Stop My Bellyaching Then We Can Deal With Yours

Many folks grumble about fellow complainers. They conjure all manner of decent advice which, if followed, would undoubtedly lessen the pain that surely must be the cause of most of the grousing heard all about us but what these same now solution oriented dudes forget is that if their advice truly is effective it will […]

As You Insist In Acting This Way I’ll Hang A Parallel Universe To The Rat

Most folks are unaware of their ability to listen without effect. This occurs whenever we are “there” but “not there” on account of a conscious or unconscious desire to escape from now here to no where. This nowhere place resides spatially right beside our current location and can be accessed by entering the zone everyone […]

Perhaps You Never Said “NO, YOU GIVE IT UP!” And Smiled At Its Absence

Most folks have never considered anyone surrendering to them. There’s no need to on account of no one demanding anything from anybody, they all just try to get along and if someone needs something then by golly the caring community sees that they get it. None of this depends on threats and boy, if it […]