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Planets Turn As Fast As Their Size Permits So Listen Up

Most folks measure themselves to their kin. That might not be a good stick once everyone realizes that solar systems work because they’re different and they’re held together by some attraction beyond wanting to be. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

This Guy Suffers From A Couple Of Things But The Rest Of Us Seem Pretty Pure

Most folks are quick to sympathize with others. They don’t want to be fodder for some earthquake and lawdy forbid they should starve to death stranded in some gawd forsaken mostly covered in snow no mans land for the want of a few candies that everyone says will just rot your teeth. No no, we […]

Ray Dee Ate My Friend, Come On!

Many folks are aware of the respect necessary for nuclear energy. Perhaps their exposure emanated from an x-ray ordered by their doctor where they curiously observed x-ray technicians being extra cautious in order to avoid catching any of the invisible beams tossed directly toward their hapless shadow casters or maybe they monitored a television newscast […]

If You Can’t Get Self Deprecation Right How Bout Just Praising Others Nonstop?

Many folks would like to appreciate themselves more but are unable. They find it difficult to accept the fact that everyone makes mistakes and forget that they invest much more effort focusing on a special person’s flubs and snubs than they do on any other mistake maker’s blunders and because they are aware that someone […]

The Stockholm Syndrome – There’s Plenty For Everybody So No Need To Poosh

Most folks have never trapped a deer in their vehicle headlights. If they had, they would be able to powerfully describe their feeling of witnessing a sentient being snagged in a quagmire of utter confusion in the middle of The Land Ruled by Unknown Rules and how, as soon as it regained its wits, that […]

And Every Sound Made Or Caused To Be Made Lasts Forever

Most folks have never been warned about back stabbing. The knifing that is most likely to occur is by their own hands or at the grasp of people who love them but nevertheless, there is little doubt that each of us will remember circumstances when we wish our words were without barbs. Thank you, friend. […]

Pissing Against The Wall Is Only One Way To Collect Urine

Most people pay taxes and are proud to. They’re doing their part to compensate for the great life that all of us now enjoy but if we were to inquire what kind of debt their down payment to date on this leased furniture has bound us to they’d be happy to do their part. Or […]

De Lovers And De Spisers Live Side By Side So Please Leave That Axe In The Shed

Many folks know the feeling of love. Plenty more are unaware of the depth that love can plumb because like every other thing in the universe love has an opposite and one can’t be deeply felt without the other. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

DO NOT DO THIS Means If I Were You I Wouldn’t But They’re Not Us

Most folks get the news about how bad things are. The news is bad on purpose of course because if everyone around us was winning big time in their life struggle but we weren’t before long our spirits would be crushed and many would be depending on gambling to get us out of this mess. […]

Hey Kids! How Bout Becoming A YouTube Music Genius?

Many folks think that playing with themselves is bad. These people don’t own an IPhone which pretty much assures that someday our world will be named Applanet. But I digress because this top 100 chart plus two toggled Youtube browsers does the trick. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

PSST! Wanna Get An Idea?

Many folks have a blocked OTA (original thought artery). This is usually the result of accepting too many concepts from every which way including Sunday and by thinking “normal” thoughts even if it means people cutting never mind watering their fucking lawn every week instead of engaging enough critical thinking to blurt “WHAAA?!” Thank you, […]

If Your Name Is ASSHOLE It Don’t Matter That You’re Not One

Many folks are driven by their monikers. They might wind up with a hyphen or senior / junior of the same damn name being passed through generations and a million minutes of life not to mention a ton of ink might be wasted on signing stupid documents when even the smallest bit of ‘o trust […]

In Two Seconds Tell Us Who You Were Before Now

Most folks have experienced this life only. Others have damn near died in the same existence that we would call this one and now live in a parallel universe where the same shite they experienced yesterday is not today’s shite. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Every Day On Our Bloody Knees, Scraping The Bottom Of This Barrel

Most folks have never operated at the edge of their ability. They don’t know how far they’ll go for that thing shining so brightly that it causes all else to pale by comparison. Sadly, these fakirs will never experience flat-out and will live the entirety of their existence never knowing who they really, really are. […]

Tone Down The Constant Reminder Thing

Many folks see something undone and right away they’d like it done. These people are somehow unable to pause for the cause long enough to allow their requests proper rising time and feel the need to shake and bake without first greasing the pan. While this may get the baking done it makes for a […]

HuHah! By Golly You’re Right! Dair Is Offense Rat Dair…

Most folks assume cattle have little awareness of their situation. They’re right of course but this circumstance also applies to the vast majority of sheeple who have no idea how the world works or how not free they are to roam with the buffalo. If people were to really peer into the abyss we call […]

Shit Always Winds Up On The Little People & They Must Cart It Away

Most folks don’t think much about profit. That’s the way it is with people who have never posted earnings beyond their needs and immediate desires because they have yet to experience having so much loot that it could be slid into the grubby grabbers of swaying politicians, poor policemen or Guido The Collector down at […]

Never Agree To Watch Any Dawg What’s Had The Taste Of Good Furniture

Most people expect to babysit at some time of their life. They themselves required “sitting” so they don’t mind reciprocating by ignoring someone’s offspring to the same degree that they themselves got away with stuff under the “watchful eye” of some part time parent representative. Nevertheless, the same does not hold true with mammals of […]

The Ceramic Sink That Cracked Itself

Many folks harbor intriguing little life mysteries. For some it is “why was I singled out for shortness or fatness and for others it might be “what cracked this beautiful, newly installed basin?”  Well, no one knew what cracked the basin and those same people were eager to have the basin installer “leave it alone!” […]

When We Duck Down That Means Nobodys Home

Most people try to avoid confrontation. Unfortunately though, when people form lines that’s what happens. Someone butts into your line or there’s a better line and then that turns out to be not true but now you can’t get back what you once had because hello mister/missus Lian Butter. Thank you friend. Barry out.

Get Twigging While You Are Able

Many folks think they know everything. Your author is married to some of those people whose names should not be named because they have memories for exactly this type of bad shite until the cows come home and from what I have been told, they are most definitely back for milking at five. You get […]

Coupled Harmonics – The Correct Noise From Another Can Curdle And Spill Blood

Some folks think about killing their mate or some other “dear” friend. But, the same way tons of employees contemplate telling their boss to fuck off, they don’t. And why don’t they? Because the exact right thing was not said or the maneuver which causes one to “freak out” as in “I just lost it […]

If You Don’t Had Wit You Doas Leetle Peews Prepare To Be Eaten Alive

Many folks get their vitamins from fast food / fancy coffee places. This works well to provide a lot more life for heavy users today but snatches plenty from their grasp later on just as they’re heading for their very own set of handrail-less stairs. Vitamins don’t say much whether you like ’em or not […]

Maintain Yourself For The Entire Trip Or Pay Plenty To Have It Done For You

Many folks think short term only. While this is crucial to surviving the moment it doesn’t work out for the best in the long run on account of there being so many paths leading through The Valley of Pain to our eventual demise. To know which trail carries with it the least amount of hassle […]

Falling Trees Give One Lesson Only Before Pinning Their Prey To The Mat

Most folks know that timber has bark but few contemplate its bite. Lumberjacks very survival depends on their implicit understanding of the power of wood and like their native cohorts who adoringly harvested the forest for many eons before them, they so deeply revere their provider that special plans are always assembled to ensure proper […]

We’re Here To Rent Our People Back! Is The Manager In Godammit?!

Most folks thought their jobs were secure and profitable. They were but the difference is our local greed level has risen invisibly taking waay more of everything we hold dear and we caint even see this beggar or how like a bad but healthy tapeworm its gotten inside us all. Thank you, friend. Barry out. […]

Willing To Fall Over Friend? We Hear Here.

Most folks don’t need that much hep beyond fifteen. Fifteen says to a person that you bin on the surface long enough to start fending for yourself and even if you don’t think so, fend for yer brethren, too because if this shite works yee got yerself a crew that will withstand both the silliness […]

Lacrosse Sticks Seldom Misfire

Most folks have never lived at the end of some kinda throw. Its a fast life, one with plenty of dibs, dabs and bounces and if you’re lucky big bastards toss you all around and no matter where you go you always get caught and within no time at all someone wants you to move […]

Bitches Are Made And Bastards Are Manipulated

Many folks don’t appreciate the input of others. They’ve invested so much into their own personal intelligence that any challenge to their world-view knock knocks at the very foundation of their house of cards & since they know from their vantage point that every deck is stacked they start acting like anything but “playas” are […]

An IPhone Or This Cutlery. Which One Pawns The Best?

Most folks feel that stealing is wrong. They have the wherewithal to understand that ripping anyone off can start a vicious cycle that ultimately winds up with someone losing an eye but it ain’t this way with certain expensive personal communication devices. Nope, these electronic wonders can be mugged from keedz of all ages and […]