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What Unaccepted Guilt Looks Like

Many folks have had more than they can take. They suddenly feel like strangling so-in-so as well as any witnesses who might get in their way of a clean killing but before long they’re beaming cheek to cheek with the biggest shit eating grin ever because they know that obvious ignorance of comeuppance is the […]

Our Father’s Keedz And The Keedz They Sprung So Love Doze Altered States

Most folks know about the genes thing. They understand that what made their parents tick also tocks to them and they can either drown out that sound or parade with the Sergeant Drumming Group what brung ’em. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Shit. Tho away da books.

I Really Don’t Appreciate The Snideness In That Voice. Especially Since It’s Mine.

Many folks are their own worst enemy. They tend to expect too much, too quickly and for much less than is necessary to pay and then they would appreciate a wee bit ‘o help to find their car because this is the third time idiot parked here today. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Cat scratches. […]

Bankers Find Plenty ‘O Dough Where Little To None Exists

  Most folks at one time or another have been short of funds. They ran so close to the edge that they forgot about taxes which must be paid for tearing down this path and those costs in today’s terms rack up $43.00 for NSF charges even if the shortfall is due to the very […]

Entropy Ain’t Fast But It Works Every Day And That’s How The Beggar Wins

Many folks realize they are competing for power. They know that energy must be added for any action to occur but even then something moves only after it has overcome momentum, gravity, and a plethora ‘o waay too comfortable comfort zones. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

You Might Just Be A Performer, Weirdo.

Many folks are okay with fooling themselves. They may not understand to what extent they are pulling the wool over their own eyes but they know they are and this knowledge stops them from giving too much of a shite about anything. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Me Myself I’m Sinical

Many folks claims ta soive someone. They may be under the influence of this gawd or that lawd but on somedays dey completely forgets all ’bout it. Thank you, friend. Barry out. you gonna have surf somebody.

To Know Our Spot In Life Is Devine Because From There We Can Poosh Off

Many folks have been put in their place. They were told off by so-in-so or their kid who obviously overheard the parents mention what a rat’s petunia they were and the little beggar auto matically picked up the same scent which made for the stanky decision we triggered to ask “who do you think you […]

Free Will Means Grabbing Multiple Universes By The Horns

Many folks feel like they are in control of their destiny. They understand that choosing path A over action B means plenty of potentialities in the current reality are now both more unlikely and likely to unfold and this is entirely due to the decision manifested by them and only them. These people know full […]

Lost Keys And Deceased Offspring Have Much In Common

Many folks know the exquisite pain of beloved child death. They start out believing that they will never experience their young friend’s company again but this need not be true because just like deep remorse can twist a person’s guts into undo-able knots, the memory of anyone may be appreciated & molded into such fine […]

If I Ever Seem Too Sane Its A Robot Not Me

Most folks can be judged by their character. Mine is tied so close to yesterday’s shadow that I’m sometimes afraid to tug on my reins because if dis bit doan snap then whose dat on my yarse? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Lawdy I Got Dee Baggage Handled

Most folks have endured a job they despised. For me, in my late forties and not knowing what to do this meant accepting one of the quickest jobs I could get without bosses or a start time which was hauling late arrival (meaning you don’t have it) luggage from Westjet (almost none) and Air Can […]

Okay. I Want To Talk. I’ll Tell You Everything. Oh Yeah, I Forgot. I Already Do.

Many folks understand string theory. They know both fishermen and comics employ line upon line and that similar threads might be crossed. Double crossing don’t sound good and often don’t work but der muss be a reason trampolines happen. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

You Might Be Blowing A Million Ideas. Thanks.

Many folks think of something great then forget it. They don’t plan ahead enough to capture their ideas with something as simple and been around forever as pencil and paper. That really hurts. Everyone. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

C’Mon N Get A Peace O’ Me!

Most folks are saving themselves. They’re not really certain who it is that they are saving themselves for but nevertheless, it must be someone very important because we won’t even stop to pee! Thank you, friend. Barry out. Jesus GET OUTA MAH WAY!

What If Criminals Become Police (& Vice Versa) To Discredit Them?

Many folks know about subversion. They understand that if Stupid Manager number 1 is thwarted then Friendly Manager number 2 can be hired and before anyone knows it shit’s hitting someone’s fan. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

How To Decipher This BullShite

Most folks know that every land mass has its own language. They don’t think for one minute that the big boys with boats would teach each kid a different word for everything just to avoid family uprisings. This is pure fantasy and hints at the fact that someone may actually be planning everything that comes […]

It’s Unanimous Then. Black Sheep All Around.

Many folks consider themselves to be an outcast. They don’t look or feel like they assume other people are supposed to and most of the time they don’t even remotely want to. That plus the fact that these awares could never live up to the high expectations that everyone startin’ with ma and pa placed […]

Value Is Fleeting Like Ice Cream in June. Or January. Or Full.

Many folks know that a hotdog is worth squat to a person who just ate. They understand that timing has plenty to do with desire and they take advantage of summer items in the fall or fall items in the winter and these futurists are completely aware that lots ‘o people will pay thru the […]

Plenty ‘O People Isn’t As Simple As Dey All Firss Comes Across

Many folks understand there is more than one game going on. They realize that Jerry ain’t here for a beer even though he’s a drankin’ one. Nope, they know full well without lettin’ on that dude actually needs a hurry loan and they also deciphered that that call from a “wrong number” was really a […]

Biting Your Tongue But Not All The Way Through Is A Critical And Crucial Skill

Most folks know someone they would like to tell off. Given a safe, non reprisal environment they would rip so-in-so a new arsehole and feed them some of the same shit sandwiches they themselves have been forced to choke down many times but then they remember, oh yeah, the world don’t work lak dat so […]

A Teaspoon Of Homeostasis Helps The Sameness Go Down

Many folks would like to change themselves. They think they’re too fat or too short or one side of their mouth is droopy and they fret whether other people will ever be able to accept them as they are. We must support these hurtlings and shoo them along life’s path because the chance that they […]

Then This Straw Man Turns To Me And Says…

Many folks understand that questions can determine answers. They realize that salespeople and other professional interviewers can manipulate what we call conversations into something they know quite well are qualifying evaluations, the outcome of which will determine if they move into the proof arena where many shills wait to be engaged so they can vouch […]

I Wouldn’t Think Of Interfering, Just Give Me My Knife Back & We’ll Dissassemble

Most folks know enough not to fool with their neighbors after they’ve been drinking. Not the neighbors. Them. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

When You Were Quiet We Worried. Then When You Spoke We Worried Even More.

Most folks try to disguise their changes. If possible, they’d rather not take out permits and deal with “inspectors” because there are only so many hours in the day and at our current rate of one arse hole per hour you’re asking to land without clearance. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

It Was Bound To Come Back On Him

There Was This Point He Went Waay Beyond Genius Into Stupid

You Have Digitally Descriptive Tags Or Not? I’ll Get People To Turn Themselves In

Most folks would think I was mad for offering this. But those same people wouldn’t be a machine. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

We’re Gonna Strain You Through Shite You Never Thought You’d B Strained Thru

Most folks know when not to talk back. They experience word shit and swords flying all around them and they automatically call in the reserves waiting in the wings for this very fucking moment asshole. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

In Speaking About Young People

Most folks think wisdom collects over existence. They find it difficult to imagine that anyone could be any smarter than them especially in no time flat. Thank you, friend. Barry out.