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Shhh! It’s Yer Favrite Uncle.

Many folks have acted stupid. They sometimes even suffer through the embarrassment of remembering their craziosity and still they keep playing that same old tune! Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

The Universe Is Made Of Us And Dennys

Most folks have a small galaxy. They spend their energy focusing on job secu rity and rising fo od prices instead of asking who runs the woild? Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

The Willingness To Act OurSelves

Most folks look to others to see who they are. They need that difference to give them a clue as to who they could or might be. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Who gees a shite sis?


Fucking driven bro.

Shit Or Get Off The Pot

Most folks can’t tell their arse from a whole in the ground. They are lost bigtime. And they ain’t even luke-ing for a map. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Shits rat here.

Anyone Can Do More Than They Think Even If They Don’t Want To

Most folks assume a breaking point exists in their life. They feel that people can expect only so much out of them and imagine that limit being already stretched by the requests of others but what they don’t realize is because they seldom approach their unreal barrier of ability it appears a hail of a […]

Then Along Comes This Alter Ego In A Dude Named Mister Big Eye

Most folks yearn to meet someone they can identify with. They need this person to contrast their own life and by observing whatchamacallit closely can learn more about themselves than they could by peering into a mirror or maintaining a journal. This kinship felt by soul mates is similar to locating the second strand of […]

In A Cat’s Arse We Are Running Out Of Oil

Many folks believe that fossil fuels are on the down-side. They don’t realize how everyone has been tricked by the supply and demand thing and they don’t wonder for one second why the internal combustion engine hasn’t improved worth a tinker’s damn in over one hundred carbonated years. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

First Help Yourself And With What’s Left Help Others

Many folks know that no one cares more about them than themselves. They quickly learn that life has a back seat and this is where the vast majority of drivers out their own car are riding and from waay back here there is zero adjustment of direction, speed or any knob which can easily take […]

Everything Addictive

Most folks utilize a relatively small vocabulary. They understand that tons ‘o highfalutin’ words are at their disposal but they choose not to employ them because it just don’t feel rat to be altering the way they talk and what do you think their friends would say? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Me Cares Not A Bit For Hungry Sharks Especially When Deys Human

Most folks want the best deal they can get. They don’t spend a bunch of time thinking on zero sum gain and they shore as hail don’t set out to take advantage of any one who is already attempting to declare an advantage on their behalf but we sometimes brush agin scoundrels who love nothing […]

No Really, I Can’t Do Much More

Most folks have never bin torchered. They’ve never pooshed themselves so far that they cain’t hepp but wan sompin different an whut’s at smail? Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

So I’m Fucked. Big Deal.

Ahm not really screwed. Not really. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

I Won’t Be In Tomorrow Except For A Few Minutes In The Morning

Most folks can spot a lie when they see one. They have learned through experience that what is right don’t always happen but what does happen is always right. At least, that’s what these people inform. Thank you, friend. Barry out. This guy must be fucked. Must Be!

I Always Regret Giving The Wife Proper Hell.

Most folks know when they’re right. They at least have some feeling that tells them that no matter how much rent is bet tonight, they gonna win. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Don’t Let Stupid Stop You

Most folks don’t think that much. They let everybody else do all the hard lifting and ain’t that what inheritance tax is all about? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

An Easier Way To Die

Most folks know there is an end to things. They also instinctively understand that any place without a back door is missing something big time. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Please don’t make it this easy.  

I Could Be Killed Any Day Now. Any…

Most folks know they have a maker. They blame that sucker for a lot ‘o things and keep one fist clenched hoping to one day meet up with whatcha-ma-callit. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Under that car!

Teacher, What Did You Say Just Before We All Got Sick?

Uhh, aaaggghhh. I don feel gute. really Thank you, friend. Barry out. What? We gotta spell it out?

Who Ain’t Infected With The StalkHolm Syndrome?

Most folks like to think they are an original. They assume people are like snowflakes in that no two are the same but they forget that snowflakes don’t have televisions, mobile phone apps or time to stare at bus wraps and those unfortunates that do are ruddered from genuine. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

The Danger Of Habitual Limping

Many folks are well aware of the challenges they face. They might be shorter than average or weigh more than people their height but nevertheless, they know what they’re up against and it is clear to them what must be done to affect any desired changes. What is dangerous about knowing a condition can be […]

People Bred For Active Ignorance Can Choose Not To Eat Life’s Crust

Most folks know that satisfaction is a personal thing. They understand that one person’s junk can be another person’s treasure and that this maxim also applies to the regular noises we make. A howling baby disturbs some ears while triggering care giving instincts in others and these contrasting responses to every sight and sound continue […]

Your House Owns You Not The Other Way Around

Most folks hope their home will be a source of financial security. They have no idea how ridiculous that concept is because their house was meant to protect them from natural environmental elements, not some monetary requirement predictably arising in the future. The idea of private, single abodes actually owned by the landlord began as […]