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Ahl Do What Ah WanTa

I’m a free man gawdammit! I’m goddamn free! FREE…! Within reason. Thank you, friend. Barry out. I don’t like me some ‘o dat corruption y’honor.

What Gregorian 2012 Taught Me

Ahm stupid beyond belief. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

I Uh, Like Myself.

Yeah, I make mistakes. All the time. Why? Cause I’m operating waay outa mah fucking league is why. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Brian Tracy told me to Like Myself, Like mYself, liKe mySelf, Lak Meseff and its tooken a long time fer me to do so.

Living The Life Of Jim Dandy

Most folks don’t love existing. They really haven’t given it all that much thought but when they do, hoe boy do they get excited! Thank you, friend. Barry out. Jesus criminy I had a grand Gregorian year. I hope you did too pal. Bonobos Prefer to Share with Strangers  

The Same Mistake Three Times In A Row. Eye Ca-rumba Dat Smarts!

Most folks make miscalculations. They don’t like to admit that they pull boners though but not admitting to the beggars only admits more and more and fucking more. Thank you, friend. Barry out. My son called me on a multiple occurrence mistake that he and I had addressed previously. His respectful but true dat words […]

Just Because I Don’t Believe In Christmas No Gifts Will Be Forthcoming

Most folks have a timing for chocolates. They need to get them on special occasions because plenty of suspicion will be planted if the wrong person gets them at the wrong time. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

If Laws Are Made To Control Society How Come Some Lawmen Can’t Follow ‘Em?

Most folks expect police and priests to be straight shooters. They know that both of those religions have rules up the ying yang about people being watched by higher powers and yet these systems manage to allow enough apples to slip through their cracks that a good number of clowns hit the sifter. Thank you, […]

American Soldiers Are Offing Themselves Before Our Enemies Even Have A Chance

Most folks know squat about the military. They know they don’t want them knocking on their door at 5 AM in the morning because once armed forces are involved its too late to say you don’t want to on account of the military don’t give two shits what you think. Thank you, friend. Barry out. […]

Whether A Bomb Or The Bank Takes Yer House Either Way She’s Still Gone

Most folks discount financial hardship. They either weren’t alive during the 1930’s or are too old now to give a shit about whether the world is going to hell in a handbasket because there’s plenty of evidence it is. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Neil Macdonald: Fiscal showdown at the U.S. Congress Will sanity prevail […]

We Got So Many Worlds On The Same Planet Which One R You From?

Most folks have never heard of Hugh Everett the third. They know nothing about his many worlds theory which caused Hugh to be much ostracized and scorned by fellow physicists but there is no doubt that planet Earth provides plenty of room for such a great range of living environments that life forms like prison […]

Yer Love Taps Turn Both On And Off And Most Turn Off Easier Than On

Many folks waste pleasure for no good reason. They will be happy when: the damn house is paid off, or when Darren finally decides to really go to college, or if Jenny can just find a spot for her little daughter in the day care two blocks over from their house, but not until. Thank […]

If A Burger Joint Can Make Us Super Size Shit Lawd Knows Who Controls Our Life

Most folks know about suggestion. They tried it with their kids a couple of times but like most parents know, sooner or later they’re gonna need a stick. Thank you, friend. Barry out. This same force makes us buy new cars when the old ones are still good too. Derren Brown The Experiments – […]

Future Police. Everyone Gets A Badge But Only One Okay?

Most folks have been babysat. They knew that their care givers had been relayed rules but nevertheless they needed testing so’s the relationship could start off right. Thank you, friend. Barry out. I want no hair.

Ya Got Many Colors On The Same Pallet And Favorite Hues Are Verboten

Most folks want to appear a certain way. They, like everyone else, line up for family and important event photo shoots and PR (public relation) sessions and fill albums with images, many of which we all know are staged and not one person dares whisper about the plethora of scene setting taking place. Thank you, […]

If Shit Stopped

Many folks can think of a different way of doing things. They first utilize straight on thinking then if that shite don’ t work they try up thinking and if that shite don’t work a person might try coming from the side and using artificial land as a way to accomplish yer goals. Thank you, […]

Everything Wants To Be Human

Many folks eat meat. They understand that animals plus every thing else we eat are transferred through death into the most conscious life form on their planet. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Inventing Problems Lesson 1 – Wishing People Were Different

Many folks have a people problem. They might be wrestling with a teenager or scrapping with a sibling over something crazy like estate value or maybe a parent is resisting moving into a senior’s center, whatever it may be, the main thing to consider is that whomever people are today is quite likely who they […]

Don’t Want To Show People Who You Really Are? How Bout Wearing Clothes?

Most folks have a way of making themselves look good. They get others to vouch for them, color their skin and hair, paint their finger and toe nails and sometimes resort to calling themselves positive and respectful names although that don’t happen as much. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Knowing A Tool’s Name And Its Proper Use Are Two Very Different Mindsets

Most folks have never been to prison. They think incarceration is something that occurs to people requiring an attitude adjustment but give ’em a bit ‘o “time” to clink think on it fer a spell and suddenly it dawns on them that some shit don’t work like they thought. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Alcoholics Against MADD Mothers (AAMADDM)

Some folks resist enhanced human control. They refrain from allowing “authorities” any more power to impinge upon personal freedom especially when the gun or vehicle driver has done no harm and has a history and habit of doing no harm. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Mother’s AGAINST shit makes me shiver. MADD wants drivers’ saliva […]

Instant Mental Agility Test

  Most folks know if they are handicapped. They answer “No, I am NOT” when asked if they are unhinged but others simply stare blankly while saying nothing when queried about the state of their intellect and one may rest assured that this is daftness revealed. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Nuclear energy plus greed […]

Yes There Was Chillen What Growed Up Early Or Chances Was Good They’d Not

Most folks know nothing about the plight of natives. They go about their business not wondering who was here first or how those people were treated and for the life of them they just can’t figure out why in the world they are expected to support those dangerously lazy beggars whose land was stolen. Thank […]

No, I’m Serious. I’m Here To See God And Ain’t Leaving ‘Till I Do

Most folks hope someone is monitoring them. They don’t want to be laying there rotting for three weeks until the gas guy comes trying to collect his account only to find that another delinquent customer has flown the coop. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

He Checked Again To See If Someone Phoned And No, Apparently They Hadn’t

Many people are okay by themselves. They need others to be great though because spreading yerself thin is kinda dangerous if no one’s around to compensate. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Hey, what’s this under mah bed…

Writing is like A Pencil

Do pencils come sharp? Do pencils in use stay sharp? Can old pencils be sharpened? Can pencils take yer friggin eye out? Why are so many fucking pencils yellow? (chinese luck thing) Will pencil erasers choke you if you let ’em? Is it possible to end pencils being broke in anger? What kind of pencil […]

Then A Woman Screamed “Jesus Christ! You Made Me Wreck My Fucking Car!”

Once upon a time I was an industrial chemical salesman. In the job mostly for its glamor and constant traveling, early one morning about 6:30 AM I was fulfilling the travel part by cruising along a gravel covered secondary highway when I encountered a flagman eagerly running safety gauntlet for a road repair crew. From […]

His Father Died Of Stupidity You Know So He Was Always On The Watch

Many folks perish in accidents. They don’t call it suicide but that’s most certainly what killed them, usually on account of their horrific lack of anticipation. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Wait ‘Til The Road Hits You Before You Wind Up Hitting It

Most folks know about yearning. They also realize that just because they feel like strangling so-in-so don’t mean they’ll do it this minute no, they might just buy him a “special” napping pillow instead. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Some Readers Think I’m Serious

Ambiguous has more than one definition. That’s how I roll too and I shore do appreciate you rolling wit me. Thank you, friend. Barry out.      

Santa Pushes A Lot Of Coke And Don’t Much Care For Tall People

Many folks know about Rorschach tests. They get it that people see different forms in the same trigger graphic & whatever diviners perceive in the illustration is supposed to illuminate their deepest thinking but those same folks forget about the overarching conditioning infecting everything. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Pink Floyd – Animals […]