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Carl Gustav Jung Got Fuck All On Moi

Most folks think a person has to be perfect to be smart. They allow their warped preconceived notion to keep them from even attempting to find out what they could possibly be the best in the entire world at. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Okay, Carl was bigger and better looking, I’ll give him that […]

With WaveLengths Bouncing All Over The Place One Of ‘Em Is Heading Yer Way

Many folks have said the same thing at the same time. They react stunned at first as if something like two people following the same path ain’t likely but its more than just likely its normal. Thank you, friend. Barry out. TV on the Radio – Love Dog

To Know Thyself & Then Not Like Thyself And Find Out No One Else Likes U Either

Many folks I thought loved me turned out to be haters. They were all nicey-nice to me when they needed something but without fanfare each had also reserved a special spot for me under their bus on account of me mentioning that the chickens they refused to see had now come home to roost. Thank […]

Don’t Shoot Jis Because You Kin

Many folks know about the pecking order. They mistakenly think that this means they need to follow some system when systems follow them. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

You Doan Tell Me What Yer Thinking And I Won’t Tell You What I Am

Most folks have secret desires. They wish they were taller, slimmer or jewish but for some damnable reason that ain’t happened yet. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

I Know Some People Who Know Me And They Doan Think Ahm So Great

Does a person have to leave town to excel? Shit! This is a global community! On Mars I’ll be somebody. Thank you, Elon. Barry out. Ahm always wondering: how will this look on a cheap shirt to a guy in line at the theater museum?

The Nuclear Blast Will Go Overhead If You Just Duck And Cover

Most folks don’t check candy for razorblades. They just assume that if you go to friendly looking places and ask for free sweets that’s exactly what they’ll get. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Breaking Bad Season 2 (2009) Duck and Cover

Daze, Like Dozing Off, Cannot Be Totally Scheduled

You’re needed. You’re not needed. You need to be here. You doan need to be here. How you plan to be…? Thank you, friend. Barry out. Los Cuates De Sinaloa – Negro Y Azul ( breaking bad heisenberg )  

Yer Nicest Smelling Pesticides

Vote. It can’t hurt. Can it? Thank you, friend. Barry out. Blue Mink ~ Good Morning Freedom

Oh Yeah?! Well Maybe I Make You Stab Me And THEN Whose Driving?

Most folks are middle of the road. They are okay with shit whizzing right by their being and after a while cannot help being whizzed by. Thank you, friend. Barry out. The Black Seeds – One By One

Pull A Thorn Outa SomeOne’s Mind

Most folks require slack. They don’t ask for it though on account of several people already being hung over it. Thank you, friend. Barry out. TV on the Radio – DLZ

Don’t Love You No Prisoner

Many folks know the other side of the tracks. They see where they are standing and notice that something completely different is going on just the other side of here and chances are good that it don’t play by their rules. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Pink – Trouble  

To Know Thyself Means Get Real Friendly With Yer Many, Many Mees

Most folks forget where they put stuff. They also forget that they aren’t the person who set the stuff down or they wouldn’t be talking to themselves right now. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Whoo hoo! One memory don’t work? Use another of yer personality’s memories! That’s what we do normally anyway…  

A Thousand Times Fuck All Equals Alot

Most folks know squat about ergonomics. They consider doing unnecessary shit as normal but that maneuver not only wastes life it silently warps their ability to avoid future unnecessary shit. Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

The Crows Nest At The Top Of The Mast Will Be Going Rat Down With The Sheep

Most folks know that shits connected. They understand that if one part of the ship hits a reef the whole ship is affected so more sailers need to be better reeferees. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Johnny Ringo -Hook Em Horns

You There Close To Shore Types Prepare To Go Inland

Many folks live on the edge. They love the feeling of just being above or below something grand and that view gives and takes bigtime. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Yeah, For Sure… That I Kinda Get. But What About The Shit I Didn’t Say?!

Many folks want smiles wiped off people’s faces. They want to be able to control a room just by walking into it and if they can’t have that how much say do they have? No really, say how much! Thank you, friend. Barry out. Breaking Bad Season 2 (2009) Nariz Inquieta (Soundtrack OST)

Once Dey Split Us Up By Pointin’ Dat Finger, Den Dey Calls It Regulation.

Most folks know gasoline comes through a hose. They understand that it has always come through a hose and yeah, they get that gas comes from somewhere else but they also intuit that without it making it through that hose stuck out the side of their car its worth nothing on account of it catching […]

People Devolve Naturally Into Animals But Being An Asshole Takes Constant Practice

Many folks pray for bad shit to happen. They might even go so far as to pin poke a doll with similar traits to the idiot whose eyes they want plucked out and if they pray hard enough dude might even see the light prior to the train smoking him. Thank you, friend. Barry out. […]

With Sanity Weighed All Were Convinced There Wasn’t Enough To Go Around

Most folks know something about history. They understand that the memorable portions are yarded from their moorings by humans who tend to be at best unorthodox and at worst barking mad. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Why Is Waay More Important Than Knowing Who Did What And Where

Most folks are aware of motives. They seldom contemplate their own reasons for acting the way they do but everyone else is fair game. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

De Old King He Got Outa Da Way Anda Cheeps Fallin’ Rat Where Dey May

Most folks make mistakes. They hate to see others make mistakes though and in their rush to insulate these others from committing atrocious errors they physically atrophy their future ability to chose between potential outcomes. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Too soon old, too late schmart. At shit burns early…

Full Of Pus And Vinegar

Many folks get it half right. They see what’s there alright but they have no idea what it is, why its there or who brung it. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Multiple Personalities. Admit All Yers For The Price Of Won.

Most folks have asked themselves ‘why me?’ They forget that they’re running a many mee’s Battleship Retractica which has hundreds of droids ready (some being less ready than others) to swing into battle if another glass of wine and more tunes don’t do it. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

People Say Nothing Happened & That May Be True. Nothing Sometimes Happens.

Most folks don’t like being stared at. They might be okay with it though if there was a partition between them and the people staring at them on account of that was the deal they made with the circus manager in order to score their role in the ‘biggest entertainer of the weak’ show. Thank […]

His Tail Wagged So Wildly The Scissors Wouldn’t Work. Ats Why Shits Not Done.

Most folks in north america know about elves. They understand that these little beggars work in an environment so unfriendly that they have little choice but to keep their tiny red noses to the grindstone or sleep with the reindeer who get pretty rambunctious at rutting time. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Yeah, Jimminy Cricket…? […]

Who Don’t Love Their Own Stank?

One day when my son Brett was 3 years old he projectile vomited. I’d only heard of projectile vomiting up to that point but dude really let ‘er rip and immediately after he did so I knew that he was going to be a force to be reckoned with on account of him instantly asking […]

Oh To Call A Spade A Spade Especially When No One Digs It

Jesus fuck I hate enforcing stupid rules. I’m putting this eye out for yer own good! Stupid stupid stupid. So stupid that I just fucking hate myself for what I’ll sometimes do to conform. Thank you, friend. Barry out. B & M I am so sorry for being a prick but if you don’t wear […]

We Will Throw Away Shit You Call Advanced

Most folks know about here today gone tomorrow. They understand that just because something is new and improved don’t mean it will always be new or improved in fact they’re hooked on that not being the case because did you hear? the new Eye Blings are out. Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

Up And Down And All Around Its A Roller Coaster Remember?

“Has she ever been laid down?” motorcycle purchasers query bike sellers. What they’re asking is, has this cycle ever been dropped on its side, especially when it is in a forward motion? and they ask that question because it’s pertinent to the history of most bi-pedal configurations in that sooner or later they all slip, […]