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The Day The Dawg Ate TEPCO’s Home Work

My throat swells and I start to gag every time I hear the name TEPCO. TEPCO stands for Tokyo Electric Power Company and Tales Every Person Chokes On. Boy, do these motherfuckers bend the truth! They haven’t reported the radiation dosage of any of their employees working at Hell-Hole Fukushima in almost two years on […]

Yer Lookin’ At The Biggest Myth Perpetuators

Most folks know they have a family history. They say its this way and stupid uncle George says no, its that way and grandma says her opinion is gonna ring loud & clear when those idiot kids read her will. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Some People Dream With Their Eyes Open. They Call Their Bad Dreams LightMares.

Many folks fantasize about the real world. They aim their thinking at the edge of the known and by adding unlikely concepts scratch the surface of reality to reveal more. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Dude Was Nowhere Near Taking Off And They Were Already Talking Him Down

Most folks listen to their parents. They do so on account of having no choice but to listen to them and their bickering, waffling and indecision & that’s the best part. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Let The Weight Of My Name Humble All Before Me. Especially Let It Humble Me.

Most folks know about pride. They understand that employed properly pride is one of the highest achievements of civilization but allow it to slip its bridle and today’s soup is soul-flake. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Go Ahead He Said. Go Outside. It’s What’s Inside Your Head That Scares You.

Most folks have felt trapped. They were roped into a job or relationship or did a big favor for some jerk who didn’t deserve it but inside is a waay out. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Writing Live Still Scares The Shit Outa Me

A couple of years ago I thought of writing my blog live. By live I mean that I come up with a title and story based on the flimsiest of ideas and immediately publish it then work feverishly in front of gawd and everybody to congeal it all into some kind of sense. Sometimes it […]

Welcome To Fool School

Many folks are seeking enlightenment. They look, listen and learn through machines and evolving concepts which their minds produce for amazement but the really amazing discoveries lie just inside the machine makers. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Can You Shut Yerself Out The Way Others Shut You Out? Now Yer Talking Success!

Most folks know how to play ignorant. They have been asked “have I told you this story before…?” by a dear old aunt and without hesitating a wink they too emphatically answered oh no you haven’t aunt Mabel, please tell it again! Thank you, friend. Barry out. Think about yer subconscious. Kin you put yer […]

There Is No Doubt That We Are Like We Are But That’s Only Valid Till We Know

Most folks know of people with the same name. They wouldn’t think of treating these similarly named people the same on account of some they may know and others they would have never met previously and as such would approach them like strangers with familiar names until someone introduced them. Thank you, friend. Barry out. […]

Two Negotiating Extremes Called “You Shaddap!” And “No! YOU Shaddap!”

Most folks know about sides to stories. They understand that each fable, no matter who tells it, has at least duel morals and outcomes tho’ most story tellers suck observers into only one of  ’em. Thank you, friend. Barry out. I had two parents alright but they treated each other more like equal opponents than […]

Getting Blown Off By The Good Guys

Most folks know about dense. They understand that it connotes a manner of thinking that resembles not thinking. Thank you, friend. Barry out. I brushed shoulders with some secret agents.

And Dude Was So Bloody Clever They Let Him Stand On His Own Statue’s Shoulders

Most folks leave room for error. They don’t want for shit to go sideways but if it does then plan B and the entire hypnosis thing kicks in. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Anyone ailse hear dat hummin’? I hear hummin’.

Dude Says He Didn’t Know What To Think. Then They Started To Make Him.

Many folks create things. They might have built a family, garden or dream but never theless it was theirs. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Oh NOW you want to show yer spots!

Bin Laddy

Most folks have secrets. They hide keys and important life events from others aside dem. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Whar ya

I Wish What I Had Could Be Called Mental illness

Being different matters. Being okay with being different matters more. No tw0 shits the same. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Maybe ahl treat mahself wit dis… The Silver Seas – Catch Yer Own Train

Creating A Monster Is Okay On Point. Cleaning Its Cage Is Another.

Most folks acknowledge that messes get created. They really don’t expect to wake up in the morning to find elves willing to not only make mother’s day break fast but clean up after the mother-hugger too. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Is There A Force Driving You Or Is That Yer Hand On The Wheel?

Most folks know about opinions. They understand that each set and sometimes even a single eye owner has one yet few of the I I’s ever wonder who seized them to their party. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Doesn’t Get Too Smart For Yer Own Good Cause Dey Dimming Da Bright Ones Firss

Most folks are outwitted. They set so many traps that their ankles must be made of steel on account of so much tripping. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Shhh! Inside! I hears some ‘in!

Yer Many Ways Of Saying No

Most folks think disagreement uncomfortable. They forget that there is always some middle ground even if its waay off into foreign territory and just designating this place where equality is promoted alters distance. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Yes We DO Have All Day

Many folks are in a rush. They have little idea what they are rushing through but not rushing. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Alabama – I’m In A Hurry

Everything Points To The Boss-a-Me

Most folks know shows don’t run themselves. They understand that some people connected with the production are acting more than others and that each associate knows the degree each actor is invested in their character. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

And To Yer Real Bad Ideas Give The Least Amount Of Blood

Most folks have been cut, scraped or burned. They understand that the right kind and amount of carpet burn pains so much and for so long that its not something yer doing twice. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Something Has Changed Yet Nothing Is Different

Most folks know about free. They understand that nothing is because of the hook at the end of that line. Thank you, friend. Barry out. There! That line on the compass changed!!!  

The God Of A Pile ‘O Christians Gives His Thumbs Up To Pulling The Pin

Most folks listen to advice. They don’t always follow it but they always do consider the validity of their counselor. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Den da lawd says “Mayhaps we’d all be better off if you just kept yer hands together and stayed real quiet.” Pope tells faithful God called him to quit

When Victim And Wrongdoer Are The Same Person Its Half The Paperwork.

Most folks know about crime. They assume its when someone does damage to someone else to the point where compensation is required. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Yeah, There Are Times When I Think The World Might Just Be Kidding Me.

What? A person got to kill themselves to get a coffee around here…?! FUCKING BASTARDS! This shit doan taste the same! FUCKING BASTARDS! Thank you, friend. Barry out. Aaron Swartz White House directs open access for government research  

Even With Call Display People Can Phone Wrong Numbers

Many folks are hooked on information. The collect it on their personal communication devices and listen to useful gossip on account of understanding that anyone who don’t have their ear to the ground ain’t a gonna hear no shakin’. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Watch what you watch out fer.

My Wife & I Think The Same Thoughts At The Same Time. I Am Scared Very Scared.

Lately its been happening a lot. Just seconds ago I walked into our living room to suggest that if my loud music was interferring with my wife’s stupid movie watching then why don’t she try the earmuffs I use when torching Liberty City in GTA IV? As I rounded the corner of a dividing wall […]

The Burning Witches Racket

Most folks know about seasons. They understand that seasons indicate the weather patterns of earth, the attire and attitude of humans and the value of all that shit stored in their garage. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Shit’s value of changes with the whether.