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Problems Come And Problems Go But They Never Stay Gone For Long

Most folks yearn for the right of way. They will wait their turn if necessary but usually they’d like others to move to one side so Their Highness may advance unimpeded.  Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Once The Shooting Starts Nobody Cares Like The People Making Ammo

Most folks want peace. They know that peace is some agreement with madness far beneath their surface but ahh, what fools for love and hope they are… Thank you, friend. Barry out.

When Boyz Kiss Each Other On The Lips

My son. He kisses me. Son-of-a-beggar hugs me. He says he loves me. All wrong that boy, all wrong. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Brett Alexander Williams, boykidman friend and regular opponent, I Love You.

Jesus & Fuck Were Both Thanked By Dude For His Children Being Smarter Than He

Most folks have a mirror. They unfortunately don’t have the morphing kind of mirror that telegraphs one’s gaffs and missteps and minimizes any reflections offered. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

If Happiness Is Within, What Is Happiness Without ? – Jiminy Cricket

Many folks know geniuses. They seldom call ’em like they see ’em though and miss out on a whack of active geniosity. Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

The Interpreter Advised “Youse Wait Here.” While He Snuck Out To Talk To The Chief

Most folks know about the legal system. They understand that if you ain’t good at latin or used to seeing grown people all dressed up in robes, wigs and shiny suits then you’re probably outa your league and in needa a Pin Shitter. Thank you, friend. Barry out. The legal system ain’t no game!

If You Don’t Speak Roman In Rome, What Yer Saying Is Latin For Trouble.

Most folks keep up with current events. They wallpaper their consciousness with one way views and are so busy reading their perimeter that they forget there is one and before they can say “I know what’s going on” have made their way into the smallest room in the house. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

The Language They Spoke Was Intimid Ation And Jeepers They Were Well Spoken!

Most folks know about criminals. They understand that these beggars employ a combination strategy of real and imaginary force in an effort to control their quarry which is  so effective its also serves The White Hats. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

The Whole Thing Was Topsy Turvy Meaning The Unbent Really Stood Out

Most folks know about crazy. They understand that if Romans are acting a a little strange and they are in Rome then their best bet would be to act insane. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

They Were Clearly Headed In The Wrong Direction But The Pills Made It Matter Not

Most folks have heard of depression. They understand that entire countries can enter this minor madness which soon starts taking swipes at citizens who duck and cover in the comfort of a sodden bliss provided by sanctioned drug dealers. Thank you, friend. Barry out. The unhappy rich: Antidepressant use soars in developed nations

They Were Doing Things They Shouldn’t And For That They Would Be Spanked

Most folks have seen car accidents. They rubberized their neck enough to catch a fleeting glimpse of the scary twisted metal on metal calamity yet as they drove away few of them mused why humans are even touching the flywheel. Thank you, friend. Barry out. ELON MUSK’S TESLA MOTORS TO INTRODUCE SELF-DRIVING CARS IN THREE YEARS TOYOTA JOINS SLEW OF MAJOR AUTOMAKERS […]

Dude Could No Longer Handle Bullshit So From Now On He Had To Juggle It

Most folks have been fed up. They reached limits they didn’t  even know they had but once they revealed themselves they were stretched beyond imagination. Thank you, friend. Barry out. 

Our Hero’s Heroine Loved Heroin But He Loved Her More Than It

Most folks have habits. They seldom acknowledge them or charge them rent though & that’s too bad because habits would be nothing without them. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

It’s Always Us And It’s Always Them And Us We Already Know About

Many folks know about micro / macro. They understand that everywhere they look is just one place inside another place inside another place and this single spot sings like the whole tea pot. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

And Every Successful Zoo Keeper Knows That They’re Here For The Lions Not Them

Most folks kick up a stank. They don’t start off trying to foul the air about them but no matter what they do, shit’s gonna get smelly without trying. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Tit For Tat Is Real, Real, Real Just Like Yuck And Yum.

Most folks know about karma. They hope that something is driving events and whatever it is that is doing said driving separates the bad and good people so’s they don’t “fall” out the same door. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

No, Rob Ford Is Definitely NOT The President Of Canada.

Many folks know about fame. They know that, like gold, it requires an exploding star to make but what they don’t know is that Fame Favors The Repaired Man. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Holy! Did you see that catch!?

“Arete!” They Hollered. “Arete, Arete!” And By Golly He Thought They Meant It.

Most folks know about improvement. They understand that upgrading stuff which doesn’t really require upgrading is not only a needless drain on resources it’s also foolhardy on account of everybody knowing that shit especially targets those fans down for maintenance. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Arete

You Must Choose Yer Cross To Bear Or Yer Cross To Bear Will Choose You

Most folks know about volunteers. They don’t get paid and STILL get told what to do and if they don’t do it they could be dismissed which is just another thing they don’t get paid for. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Please Rob Ford Don’t Turn Religious Because The Devil Needs Our Souls

Most folks have given up. They did what they could, swung their best swing, pulled harder than they’ve ever pulled and went all out or all in but it just wasn’t in the cards that they should win so they quit because what ya gonna do, keep going?! Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Do I Self Censor? Fucking Right I Do!

Most folks have a mom and dad. They can sometimes barely stand having this one set of parents without being told what to think, do and say by dimwit “leaders” who imagine that the little people got poor thinkers. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

“So You’re Gonna Wind Up With Two Days In One” Crazy Man Told The Crowd.

Most folks know about banks. They understand that financial institutions can start new days at whatever time Friday they choose. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

The Masses Were Told They’d Be Damn Well Paid For Doing Absolutely Nothing At All

Two boats. Boat number one has a few old bastards while boat number two has nearly none. A strong rope ladder binds them together. Skin time in the sun colors white to pink and red and though not soon enough for some red melts into tan. Tan turns into wrinkled hide and boat number one […]

Then All Of A Sudden A Single Lemming Didn’t Make The Leap

The world is in financial and other big trouble. Shit is hitting the fan. Not everybody is keeping their cool. Lance Armstrong, who is Lance Armstrong?! People are sooo pissed at the National Security Agency. Lookin’ to get out of the U.S.’s wild, wild west. Gimme that ol’ new world order, gimme that ol’ new […]

The Connection Between Mind And Body Pally Is Thin, Thin, Thin.

Most folks lose consciousness. They might still attempt to inform others how they slept but what they’re describing is the hangover. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Snow Makes A Sound That Cancels Yours If Yer Deep Enough Under It

Most folks think water is mindless. They imagine they can do anything with, in and on water including imbibing as much as they want but H2O was here first and will take everything it wants. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Dude Could Keep Only So Many Spooks Busy & They Were Starting To Pile Up

Most folks follow somebody. They might be fans of Jesus or what’s his name from Black Sabbath and they might keep tabs on certain world events but they seldom think anybody is following them. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Dude Thought He Was illiterate But It Turns Out His Eyes Were Full

Most folks know enough. They don’t need to be bothered learning a bunch of shit they’ll never use and besides most things these days come with pictures. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Just Travelin’ Through The Universe, Your Search Engine And You.

Most folks have been online. They say and ask stuff of the online gods that few people have asked any god prior and the online gods remember. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

All Were Acquainted With Splitting Hairs But Knew Nada Of Atomic Repulsion

Most folks know about hands off. They understand this to mean that they should not come into physical contact with a target object but say said object contacted them… Thank you, friend. Barry out. S’all here in blank stares: You Can’t Touch an Atom