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Unlimited Love? Uh-uh. There’s A Limit.

You can only eat so much. Breathe deep so much. Learn so much at a time. You can only.   Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

He’d Be Missed By Those Who Hit Him Once He Left

Most folks have habits. They reach for levers no longer there and fall through chairs and relationships pulled from under them. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

I Can Judge No One. Including Meself.

Yes, red is a color. Mars is a planet. And Martians, if they live must live on Mars. But red is just a color, And Mars is just a planet, And Martians, if they live, are just like us. When we look for the hate, it’ll be there. If it’s greed we’re seeking, it will […]

Love Needs You To…

Many folks have tried to stop loving. They lost a job they loved, a home they loved and maybe even a person or pet they loved and what they missed most was the demand that love created. Thank you, friend. Barry out.   

People Knew The Ants Killed Each Other And The Lord Knew The Same Of Them

See it’s micro macro. So now who’s the whacko? Don’t tell me, Jacko… I’ll guess.   Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Let’s Celebrate Barrymas, Baby!

Most folks do parties. They will attend them upon invitation and even bring a gift if they think one is expected and yet those very same folks don’t toot their own horn. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

To Get Real Good At Reputation Juggling You Gotta Take The Beggars Out

You, are an asshole to someone, I bet. Someone really hates your guts. And another person who knows you well, Says you’re a veneer away from nuts.   This other person would give their life, To spare yours for even a day. And what’s his name pledged what was his was yours, With your friends, […]

Short In The Count And Wrong In The Count Is A Historical Differentiation

Most folks know about absolute. They understand that absolute has absolutely no room for diversion while leaving plenty of room for assholes. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

The End Is As Near As The Edge Of A Ball But Still There Is A Bottom

Most folks know about bad. They know something is bad on account of them already experiencing good. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Relationships Are Founded On The Resources Each Can Muster

Many folks have friends. They usually have friends with about the same amount of loot they have or are effective debt collectors. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Locking Horns With Human Beans Several Universes Away

You got to know your reach. You gotta stick yer neck out. On the liney-line line. Line it up so fine. Fine. You know I wouldn’t lie about it. Lie and cause cryun? About my dog-gone lyun? ‘Cause the lyun are fryun and that. Ain’t. Fun.   Thank you, friend. Barry out.

They Stood There At The Five Thousand Gate. Waiting, Watering, Waitering.

Most folks know doom. They understand doom to mean them dieing an early and perhaps ugly demise but they don’t think much about living sadly forever. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Look! On the side of that mountain! People!

Jesus Whistled

Hey boy! Tooleytootoo! You there. Boy! Tooleytootoo! BOY! (picks up a rock) Pardon sir? Oh, ah, boy… (drops rock) What time is it? Where am I? Oh, ah, sir… Very sorry sir.  No clock nor compass have I. I’m lost and ahead of you only by chance. Oh… (picks rock up again) Here, wear these […]

Enter The Carnival Of Work

You’re rockin’ dockin’! Chinese food stalkin’. Everclear talkin’. Taxi shoppin’. No one walkin’. You special. Somethin’. Beeleed dis missa, please. Is what you do. Naw get back ta dat humpin’ bout what you do. What you do. You get on back naw to what you gonna do.  Gonna do, gonna do.   Thank you, friend. Barry […]

Git Yer Carnival On!

Most folks need to party. They fool no one but themselves when they don’t shake at least a little booty. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

You Might Stop Me. I Won’t.

  Think about what could be. Could be. If only. If only you’d see. That you are free. *** You are free. Take it from me. You are free to feel you are free as need be. Feel as free as you’re free to. Don’t believe that silly old “me too”. Go where your creed […]

Yes, Love Pools. And Love Sucking Hogs Suck ‘Em Up.

  There’s a down. There’s a doom. There’s a downright doomy day. But, you don’t say it. You’re just happy. You got a double motherfucking latte. What’s not to like?   Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Okay, Let’s See… That’s One Fairly Long Life On The “If Only” Plan.

Most folks have regrets. They don’t tatoo them onto their forehead though and that’s too bad. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Y’Hear That Filthy Music Through Yonder Dirty Winder?

Okay. There’s a premium service. It’s like thirty-five bucks. For breakfast. You get these heavy utensils, yo.   Thank you, friend. Barry out. The Strokes – Reptilia

Yer Big Ass Sittin’ Is Killin’ Ya

Get off yer ass is what I say! Get off yer ass today! Like smoking kills. Like suicide kills. Yer big ass sittin’ is killin’ ya. Bee Gas. Killin’ ya.   Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Under New Manglement: Cybernation

Most folks love horses. They love watching them, petting them, and maybe even riding them but you won’t find as many horse lovers shoveling horseshit. Thank you, friends. Barry out.

Pull On Up To The Crazy Table. There’s Lots Of Chairs For Everybody.

Most folks get driven insane. They can’t stand that nut where they beg for coffee five daze a week and if someone doesn’t do something about this traffic they might just start ramming into a few of these stupid car driving bastards! Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Bee Ah Bad Thing Gasket

C’mon quitting time! People would love to control time. Shits GOT to be there by TOMORROW! Course, time don’t work that way. Time won’t play the games we play. It just rests there in our head. Until we wind up dead. Then time gets out our bed. To let us jump ahead. Ahead of time. […]

Remember How Life First Was ‘Cause It’ll Never Be The Same Again

Get a fresh lemon. Squeeze half of it’s juice into a cup. Add warm water. Take a sip and record yer reaction by memory at least and  videographically at best. Bingo! Baseline… *** Get a fresh lemon. Squeeze half of it’s juice into a cup. Add warm water. Take a sip and record yer reaction […]

Skin Cream Don’t Hamper Craziness

Most folks have gone nutso. They lost their cool and likely gained it back to hopefully never lose again unless what the hell you lookin’ at? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Sun-Rest. Heart Attack-Mon. Fri-5 PM Pub. Sat-Sports Telly Lawn. Ahh.

Most folks know about calendars. They go ding! on the first and ding! on the fifteenth and ding! for school and ding! for sports and ding! for birthdays and dung! for funerals. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Space And Time Are Warped By The Size And Length Of Yer Problem

Most folks have bad days. They can tell they are bad days on account of nothing going right and no one giving a shit about it. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Now Look At What You’ve Done. Now Look At My Doings. Notice Any Difference?

Most folks appreciate contrast. They don’t talk about it to contrast’s face but they must appreciate it or everything would be all white. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Get One Idea Then Two. Rub Two Ideas Rightway Together & Pally, You Whoo Hoo!

Most folks would like to be attractive. They wish their teeth were straighter and their hair was curlier and why  are they always stuck in Shit Swamp for crying out loud, are they not worthy of a bitta help? Thank you, friend. Barry out. The shit from yer lips isa gettin’ on yer boots.  

You Can’t Walk A Mile In Someone’s Shoes ‘Cause They Don’t Walk That Way

Many folks strive for a better life. They imagine that a better life is available to them and they change universes with every action they take until they live in universe Oh My Gawd! Thank you, friend. Barry out.