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When Father Said “It’s Close” He Wasn’t Talkin’ No Humidity.

Jesus boy, it’s fitty fitty. How you fit in there? Couldja hold your breath? Forget regret? Wouldja stroll in there threadbare? Naw take it cool. Splash friendly pool. Be your own damn tool. Lever fitty you already own. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

See, Our Brains Hada Buncha Control Rods And One Of Those Rods Was Songs.

Oh say can you see? No, you can’t. ‘Cause your mouth is wide open, Ears lyrically closed then Thinking heads south at speed anthem. Erect and don’t waver. Better yet, raise a lighter. Or sup on your share of contemptment. Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

Your Attention Please: Please Ignore Your Program.

Rules. Who needs ’em? Goules. Who breeds ’em? Tools. Who feeds ’em? Cause they’re everywhere. And they don’t care. Who they have to scare To keep the Piece. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Lucifer’s Paintbrush

Water rolls downhill but it’s a relative down hill. You have a will to bring to the party But the party has it’s own free will. Step inside and ignore the collide Of ideas now soaked in maybe. The you that was you will only claw through Once you know the Devil Is your daddy. […]

Everything Conscious Is Here But Not

She turned a key and started an engine. A kid talked to a friend not there. A pizza was delivered to a Stranger by a stranger And neither stranger Was aware that They live life from a distance And that distance is nowhere close. They live and let living they Avoid a natural giving So […]