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Life Teaches Little The First Time Around

You cook, then eat. Undress, then sleep. Time doesn’t pass until you notice it creep Into your hair and knees and Even if you don’t please Time is gonna find you. Fade away your memory. Now you cannot run. Muse at all the things that will never get done. Now you have to think. Think […]

Translating Fibbery

His lips moved lots, When he lied. Her words flowed true When she lied. They smiled and held hands. Achieving all their plans Against the also rans. Holding all the cards. Ahead by many yards. They shone from these retards. Because they spoke a second language. One that contained all the damage. Til it ripped […]

Placebo. Nocebo And Karma.

Science! He said, As he pointed to his head. Then, to our dread, Said we’d been dead Until he said We were goners. All fawners for Magic and baking. He said. And nobody hoped he was right.

Small Concern. Big Influence.

You stink and buddy you stink. You lie and buddy you think Your lies don’t count but They’re the fount of What amounts to Shit storms coming. You start running Off at the mouth. Hear what’s about To happen.