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So Much Hell In A Little Handbasket

The amount of shit you have figured out Is smaller than a hill of beans. The path you follow turns this way and that Straight through in-betweens. Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t. You wanna stop but The wolves, they won’t. Who dat at da do’?! Don’t nobody move! Hafta fake ’em out. […]

Resistance Is Not Futile!

Part of me hated the bastard Part of me wanted to kill him. Part of me wanted to drink him up. Part of me loved the thrill of him. Kill or be killed. Smiled as he said it. Then off popped the tops Of a bar with no limit. Now guzzle and gulp and wake […]

Get Your PTSD Before It Goes Out Of Style

Fuckin’ buddy dropped out of site! One second he’s beside me, the next, swoosh! I felt his hand brush my arm as he clawed the air, hoping against all hope that what was happening, was not happening to him. I knew what was happening to him at that brush. His brush with death. Or at […]

Some War’s About Fightin’ Wars

You do. You do. It’s all about doing. Baby, you do me in. I don’t know where to begin but Doing, it soon wears thin. Dead guys with clean clothes. Been there, seen doze. Mirror bullets for Werewolves. Stand back, the door’s closin’. Touch Baby, but not those ones. Those’ll just blow us away. And […]

We Have Nothing To Fear But The Fear Makers

You are going to hell. And you stink. Probably lower Eye Que. Than you think. You’re waay too fat Tree hugger, you. Allowing animules to Crawl into you Through barbeque sauce. You ain’t lost. This is home.

There Was That Daily Reminder: Shit Adds Up

He niced his hundredth person, For that week! He coulda niced a hundred more… But some folks didged and Others dodged. They deflected nice… what for?! Show another playa you’re playin’! At least… Smile at a playa. Nod at a playa. See what a little respect can do! But everybody head down or Maybe talk […]

The Hallway And It’s Rooms

There’s this life And that life and This life and that. Where you wind up Twists on where you bin at. You looking forward? Or you looking back? Time doesn’t care It’s the ball that you bat.

Little House Just Like Da Big House

This house was run by vote. Votes ran this house. Mom and Dad tallied the notes. In this house. They said every vote surely counted. They would count and then recount them. Then they’d say Just like we said; Mom and Dad get that brand new bed. The tallied voting said… And the votes, they […]