So Much Hell In A Little Handbasket

The amount of shit you have figured out

Is smaller than a hill of beans.

The path you follow turns this way and that

Straight through in-betweens.

Damned if you do.

Damned if you don’t.

You wanna stop but

The wolves, they won’t.

Who dat at da do’?!

Don’t nobody move!

Hafta fake ’em out.

Leave ’em onna hoof.

Raindeer onna roof.

Come out! Come out, Goof!

Man oh man, leave me alone!

Get outside! Outside my home!

I’ll turn on you.

May turn you off.

Course, then it be just me…

Barry Williams

Much of what I write will be quite understandable to insane folks.

The rest will be, uh, less understandable...

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