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If You’re Already Sleeping And You Fall Asleep

Shook a million hands. Looked into a million eyes. Always worked with what was there. Never questioned why. Didn’t even try. To figure out, you are here. Living in the state of fear. Why you stay here is not clear. But this is where you live.

The Gates

Drawbridge up or drawbridge down. Bastards rail and roam around. They turn right side upside down. Take all happy from a clown. Set upon fire into town. Party inna skinny mind, yo. Party inna skinner mind, doh! Dare he party mo, dough. Too far has he go? Does any one He knows Know?

Does Hell Have Years?

He had a boss from hell. Andy knew quite well There were more where She came from. She wasn’t the only one. A Polish meal from hell. A busted fly, do tell. And they do not go well With Hades gravy. Cause luck won’t save yee. One year from hell…

If You Try To Kill My Mudder

You fuck. You shit. You fucking jerk! You could not live with her not hurt? You have to flex your power. Send zombies to devour Our mom, you fuck… You fucking goat! I hope your pride blocks off your throat. And you leap far but don’t clear the moat. With gold filled pockets to the […]

All My Life

All my life I’ve waited on people. Waited on men. Waited on men. Waited on my Mother Who waited on men. She brought up / in men. Daughter no hen. She waited on men, but no hen back then Could not say when But now she can Cause it’s my story. I’m making this up.