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We Was In The Shit Until That Fan Came Along

Handshake deals. Buddy wouldn’t dare. One cough ina room. Stankin up the air. Currency nowhere. Ain’t no buttons there. No more sneezes. Praying Jesus. Please now save us. Not WHO gave us Motherfucking disease.

Make Everywhere Else Great Again

A shitstorm. When it’s norm. You conform. You have to… Running on your knees. Isn’t such a breeze. Soon, you asking please… Let me up. That’s enough. No more rough. I give in.

NPC Spotting

They look but don’t see. And boy do they get angry! Flip you off. Poison your dog. Cut you off, try to Pass, road hog. Talk too loud and smell too good. Similar dress to trailer park hood. Got no sense even tho they should. They got accreditation!

Give Les Fox This Year

Trembling. Shaking. Mad with anger. Fucking hang her! Fuck him too! What dey do?! Come out some zoo?! Don’t you shit where you eat! Shit here on the street, Where everyone sees you And what you do… Because you are Les Fox.

Know Thyself By Les Fox

His fingers wanted to graze his nose. Right after they scratched his arse. His index twiched as his nose signalled gold. His eyes cleared the space and in due course A calamity of horking, gagging and farting. Snot bundling, shit staining, spit dangling on long whiskers. And long lines of well wishers Who know you […]

The End Of Corruption

Equal is not equal. Not as equal as could be. And freedom isn’t freedom until Some folks are not free. Cause freedom cannot be Something truly free. Wake up, it’s time a make monaayuh!

Proper Reconciliation

You hug each other A bit too long Your best face forward Nothing wrong With talking ’bout the future. And what it holds. No one wants to relive Those daze of old. Feelings into action. Thoughtful in your moves. Scratchin’ out the past. Maken new grooves. Sing a new song. Nuthin from the blues. Pull […]

Trouble Is, Trouble Is Your Middle Name.

Ya, you don’t know and You won’t go ahead And look behind it. No, you would rather grind it. Shave a little here, a little there. A pinky weight onna scale. Who cares?! Fo’ sho’ not you. That won’t do. So? Boo hoo… Expect it.

Les Fox Talks Shit

If you find you don’t like something. Wash it away. Flush it away. Spray it down high pressure hose. Aim the aych too oh, it goes. Body odor? Stinky arse? Smell like a rode hard put away horse? Flood that shit away. And dishes do not stay In the dishwasher.