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The Bastards Of Bearsville

She said shut your effing mouth. And mask up, fiend! There was no time for niceties And nothing in between. Bitch was serious. She meant her demeaning. Without any screening. She was still screaming When entering my zone. This place is my home. I’m here all alone. But she wants to come in Make me […]

Just A Guy Acting Like A Guy Who Thinks He’s Another Guy

When you point your finger. Are you happy you can point? Does the pointing now anoint You to that realm Where you have found Your glare directs attention? And when you mention Your attention Is it you Or those attending?

The Franchises Of Prison

A name was needed And it hadda be cool. Tat it on a million faces. Let ’em cools tool. Let ’em work. Let ’em jerk. Then boot ’em from your see stem. Tell ’em you will help ’em. Sell ’em guns and ammo. They will pay to play doh. Set up another. Be that mother. […]