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They’re ALIVE!

Count your lucky stars On your ten fingers. Cuzz that’s more lucky stars than exist. Put a little spin Bout where you bin Cause bin and where you are Might collide. It’s like you died. Died and went to heaven. Like I said, you have been. Everywhere there is. to. go. Everyplace there is. to. […]

Rememberence Day

I sure do miss you mom. You were so much fun And when you came undone, It didn’t last. Those moods past fast. You had no clear idea. But you sure did see, ya. We made a big believe. Things were aye okay. One belief took ya to To a lake that maybe you Hoped […]

You Don’t Build A Business, The Business Builds You.

Buddy was tired And so worn out. Done with the struggle Thinking about Maybe take a breather, But neither, the breather Or retuned reciever Will fill the glass half full. So close your eyes until Buddy relaxes Faces the fact that He’s not working it. It’s working him.

Remembering Evil

That guy who hit my mom He was my dad. Best guy as a dad I ever had. Watching him at work It made me sad. Violence was his tool. Shouting, he could fool Weakness into anybody Confused, they’d wonder if he Was honing in on them? This guy who was their friend? Is this […]

When You Come Back As A Lucky Dawg

Jeepers, some folks Get a lucky rebound. They’re not a fly Or a beetle that found A little shit ball They could roll around. That son a bitch Is a dog now. Sleepin’ an shitting Like a hog now. Bad stuff all outside So great they collide Dawgs one place from human.

You Can Call Me Old Fuck

Now, Buddy wasn’t one To have his name yelled loud. Not in the same room And never in a crowd. That is not allowed. People shouting louder… Barry! Barry! Then Buddy wakes up. Guess he’s had enough Sleep.

You Own Shit And Are Unhappy

Buddy hadda house A boat, a car. Hadda little bank account. Wouldn’t go far. Buddy hadda go ta work. Punchin’ dat clock. Hadda little pension there. Thought it was locked Up, like the future Buddy didn’t have. A clue about Tomorrow Land Or that he’d be glad When all his shit was gone.

When Happiness Goes

Same damn deck. Same damn yard. Why is happiness so damn hard? Try to wring it out of booze. Struggle but I often lose My way and which was that? Buddy ain’t no going back. Mister Nice Guy is dead.