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Get To The Point

The point of your first ten years is to celebrate your life. To feel good, you’re alive! The point of your teen age years is to overcome the strife. Of knowing you’re alive. And learning how to suffer without crying or denying that the pain that you now feel is about to so reveal your […]

On With The Show, This Is It!

Never mind the last ten years. Don’t even bother looking back, I’ll do that for you, and you won’t have to pick any weeds, just have a tomato or maybe a pear…you like pears? Sure you do! Everybody likes pears! Anyway, I’m done talking about picking fruit. Now, let’s make some nice fruit salad. M’kay?

Might Be My Last Poem

Ya, Buddy got stiff. Stiff Person Syndrome. His eyes cast a shadow of still. Watched folks sway against their will. Buddy used their avatar up. Nothing said but that’s enough. Finding that diamond in the rough. Cause finding shit is tough. Ya gotta pay attention Not to even mention You’ve got to see a diamond […]

Buddy Learns Dawg

Watched like a hawk on A goddamn dock and Whatsa hawk on a dock, boy? It’s a sign from Odd. That very same God. That beckons to just that few. Maybe forgot you knew. On the swirly twirly, Inna big damn hurry, You thought you’d sneak though. Didja?

Rendered Delusional

Buddy was a real deep thinker. Deep like a deep well digger. He thought before he’s thirsty And thinking, he thought the worst he’d Then encounter Were thoughts he found there Way out the plan. Flipped off and ran Their own game Like they were playing By their own rules Ya, the bloody fools Acted […]

A Mute Black Daughter And Her Incestuous Ginger Brother

Maully was a bitch of a bitch. Barged in as a kid. Made chosen seem as if It WAS her. It became her. And chosen then she soon became. Like chosen was the name of the game. The chosen one.. Chosen soon become. The one where chosen run The game that everyone calls life. The […]