A Big Business Buffoon Shilly Shills For The Party

“You there!” yelled the bald guy, who was a non-renter

As he pointed someone out in the crowd.

“Yes you!” he repeated as if no one had heard him

And the second time he spoke it more loud.


“You say that you’re poor and you’re broke and you’re tired.”

“You say that you can’t give much more…”

“I’m here to show you that you’re sadly mistaken,

That you can give even more than before.”


Then that guy with no hair stepped it all up a notch

And I swear he gave off a slight glow.

His eyes locked the eyes of the people up front

He owned the crowd’s Entire Front Row.


When the Up Fronters stood, everyone stood

When they clapped we were happy to clap.

From the back of the hall I watched in amazement

Baldy had us singing hymns and then rap.


Even during rejoicing a foreboding crept in

That this party could never go on.

It would all stop completely by the end of this number

As baldy and his ilk moved along.


Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Doan seet doon, ahma jis gitten wormed up!






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  1. Ya, that’s what I’m talking about!


  2. I still agree with me!


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