A New Young Millionaire Meets His Maker Under The Capsized Boat Of His Dreams

By mid-day you will be dog tired, filthy dirty and stinky sweaty.

That`s life on a freeway asphalt laying crew.

It was in this place of highway hell that I came to know an intriguing millionaire laborer whose philosophy of life provided the impetus I needed to toil seven days a week for an entire merciless, beer clouded summer.

Ol` Jed, who was old only in his mind, was one of those rare breed of folks who loved hard work because it was hard and his penchant for being fully engaged made him an interesting man to be alive beside.

Jed believed he was living his his second life and what was even weirder was that the first life he left behind was the very same one that everyone else wanted…

(to be finished – rough concept) TBFRC

  1. Jed had been a construction heavy equipment operator who was happy with his life but bored. Dreamt of being a fisherman, like his father.
  2. Wins 2.7 mil in lottery
  3. Buys eight ball coke, fast car & speeds with brother (Jethrine) from Calgary to Vancouver to p/u looty loot loot and start living
  4. Blows $200 K first month & lives thirty scary stories with bro & new friends
  5. Buys retrofitted commercial fishing vessel in Vancouver for $350K (dream time!) and takes his father & 8 ball brother on maiden voyage of big tub
  6. Unexpected storm capsizes boat and three close to dead damp dudes are trapped under newly painted overturned vessel.
  7. All rescued within 2 hrs  by Canadian Coast Guard but only after freezing in emergency lighted ocean for long enough for everyone to make peace with their makers
  8. Sells stupid bloody boat for $200K loss, breaks his fishing rod and starts leveling the land with asphalt
  9. Buys a big, old motor-home and goes full out – working, drinking and living as much as he can.
  10. I meet him 2 yrs into his second life (Jed was in his early 30’s counting by his first life) but retarded fuckhead me, I miss the obvious and important message he lived and waste next 25 years of my life (and uh, a few other people’s) trying to be rich

Right here is where i invent my Big finish getting all this bullshit to make sense

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

4 Responses to “A New Young Millionaire Meets His Maker Under The Capsized Boat Of His Dreams”

  1. Ya, as you can see, I’m real good at coming back to finish stories.

    Maybe when I move to Finland I will finish.

    How does a person say that in Dutch?


  2. Make that Danish.


  3. Very good article, this is info I was looking for


    Barry Williams Reply:

    You should see what I can do when I’m not drunk!


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