A Person Can Only Eat So Much Gold

The wealthier a person is, the more they seem to value precious metals and money.

Poor people, on the other hand, think the important things in life are food, family and a warm place to shit .

Our planet, living in the same neighborhood as us, also hasn’t benefited so well from all the “wealth” that mankind has been creating and some circumstances suggest that it might be getting close to the time for us to ditch all the crap we’ve been told about saving loot in silver, gold or shiny rocks and start taking a look at the effects on ourselves and our surroundings.

Think For A Minute

Why would a person be saving money anyway? Because they’ll outlive their value? Or outlive their ability to generate compassion for deeds well done?

Why, that would be HOGWASH! Our ability to thrive or recognize the value of wisdom should NEVER be in question! After all, is that not what has brought us to this very point in history?

Any talent can be traded person to person. Products of talents like art or manufacturing and farming have always been valued.

And those special skills like the ability to teach, entertain and preach have always been in big demand and fed constantly by evolution.

Gold, silver and pieces of paper on the other hand, are normally valued by strangers and those faceless folks also seem to be the ones making money from money.

That sounds like some kinda parlor gimmick that mayhaps would be better left to them dudes that can consume their wealth. Just don’t let them consume ours …

Nope, we must recognize the value in ourselves first and then – and only then – will we appreciate ourselves more than loot.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Teachers can be crazier than a hoot owl and this here video is about a teacher talking about some pretty crazy things.

3 Responses to “A Person Can Only Eat So Much Gold”

  1. Piling up value because a person makes too much is one thing. Saving because you don’t produce enough is another.

    Teaching a culture to save is like sentencing everyone to less personal value and hope over time. Insidious and evil!

    Fuck Savings and Loans Institutions!

  2. If you were piling up value, why would you?

    It would be totally fucking stupid like making a dam across a river because you needed to use up concrete.

  3. Yeah, use up concrete… that’s a good one because that’s exactly what we DO!

    Waaaay toooo much fucking concrete!

    We need to get dirtier, stay dirtier and understand dirt like the mother of all things it is.

    Fuck you Mr. Clean!

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