American Corporate FlagShites happening today that no one would have stood for two decades ago.

Like folks being billed to spend, deposit or access their own funds.

Keeping books is one thing but charging the book owners to look at them is crazy and valueless.

Unless you prefer extortion and have traded your priceless human spirit.

For potentially endless monthly premiums.

Toward you and your clan.

And far afield from us.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.



http://www.adbusters.org/about/adbusters – the people that got this Wall Street Party Started.

David Allen Coe – I Love Robbing Banks

Just keep the motor runnin’ this won’t take very long
By the time the police get here we’ll be already gone
We’ve got to leave ’em hangin’ we can’t leave ’em no clues
Just take the money and run
Lord I love robbin’ banks Lord I love robbin’ banks
I always tell the teller thanks Lord I love robbin’ banks

I like to holler stick up when I walk through the door
It lets ’em know their safe just isn’t safe anymore
I like to see their faces when I show them my gun then take the money and run
Lord I love robbin’ banks…
[ guitar ]
Five’ll get you ten she’ll push the burglar system
Ten’ll get you twenty years on some prison farm
The first thing that I do is make ’em lay on the floor then take the money and run
Lord I love robbin’ banks…
Lord I love robbin’ banks…

Lyrics courtesy: http://www.sing365.com/music/lyric.nsf/I-Love-Robbin%27-Banks-lyrics-David-Allan-Coe/E304EE872301069548256FAD0026B5CA

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  1. I originally used the term banksters in this story but changed it out of respect for gangsters.

    They don’t deserve to be associated with Da Boyz At Da Bink.


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