All Up And No Down? Fake Up.


Don’t… uh.

Don’t you follow me here.

No more. Not now. Not you. Uh-uh.

I say.

Don’t… uh.

Don’t you follow me here.

Not now. Not you. Not here. No way.


Duh doughy doh doe…

Duh doughy doh doe…

Don’t now, don’t you open that door.

Don’t, don’t, don’t. Please don’t you.

Follow me here.

Herey hear hear. You heary hear hear?

It ain’t the time you hear?

Not nowy now now. Not nowy now now.


Hey uh. I can’t talk no mo.

Not nowy now now. Not nowy now now.

No, really… really.

I uh, I can’t talk now.

(you’re such a jokester pally. You’re mister jokester pally!)

I am not, friend.

I ain’t making this up pal.

This can’t be made up. No shits too real to just make up.

But really, really, really…

I really can’t talk now…

Cause my throat swells up. See?!

Its swelling up now. How do I breathe now?

No breathin easy now!

(just use your blowhole Billy, use you’re silly old Blowhole Billy!)


Why uh … don’t you leave me alone?

(don’t leave him alone my friends!)

Don’t you, don’t you leave him alone…

(don’t you be alone my fiend)

MY fiend, don’t you be alone.

A loan.


Don’t you be a loan type fiend.

Don’t you. Don’t you need alone?

A lone a lone my friend.

Alone alone my fiend.

Alone alone.

Don’t you need alone?


Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

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