Allow Yourself To Be Ignored. Even By You.

No one should eat and shite and produce nothing butt.

All who dirty the water must contribute to its flow

and swimming sans cleaning should be the

foulest act on earth but because we fail

to recognize the fabric generating

this entire web we see wholes

that don’t exist and miss

plenty of places where

shite goes missing

every day y’all.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

6 Responses to “Allow Yourself To Be Ignored. Even By You.”

  1. I’ve tried to forget myself and before I know it I’m thinking of someone else.

    As soon as those beggars stop sending me greeting cards I can relieve myself.



  2. If I think little of myself it leaves less for my mother to attack on fucking mother’s day.


  3. I’ll skip this wash cycle. Seaman and cotton go together like piss, vinegar and diesel fuel.


  4. Not to mention a flame thrower.


  5. Is everyone absolutely certain that captain captain has no access to the internet?




    Are there any other cbc rangers out there?


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