An IPhone Or This Cutlery. Which One Pawns The Best?

Most folks feel that stealing is wrong.

They have the wherewithal to understand that ripping

anyone off can start a vicious cycle that ultimately

winds up with someone losing an eye but it ain’t

this way with certain expensive personal

communication devices. Nope, these

electronic wonders can be mugged

from keedz of all ages and turned

into cash faster than gramma’s

wedding band because a lot

more people are into cheap talk than tying the knot.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

They’re just cats.


4 Responses to “An IPhone Or This Cutlery. Which One Pawns The Best?”

  1. Phone companies don’t trace the serial numbers on phones which enables used phones to easily be hooked up to networks.

    This also means that a $600 Iphone is worth 150 bucks all day long at at pawn shop and Iphones can be taken from children and spooked pepple like candy.

    Crime made easy.


  2. I thought about this and refused to buy my daughter expensive phone. I wondered if I did wrong because she was so sad. I guess I did good.
    Clarissa recently posted..Sunifiram


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Sad is when you still have to pay the phone contract even if you can’t use it.

    Sad is paying 600 bucks for a phone that cost 12.

    Sad is billions of dollars piling up @apple while people are starving @anywhere.

    That’s sad.


  3. Sad is an old man getting upset about an Iphone.


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