And Every Human In A Uniform Gave Up A Fair Size Chunk ‘O Mind

Most folks know about the beginning.

They understand that there was

less of everything at the start,

then more and more until

there was waay too much of some things.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

5 Responses to “And Every Human In A Uniform Gave Up A Fair Size Chunk ‘O Mind”

  1. Dude works for FedEx. Its late and he wants to be at home with his family but no.

    He gotta uniform, a company truck & a mortgage.

  2. Judy is a doctor.

    Twelve years to learn how to wear a white lab coat and those over the shoulders ear thingies.

    Now, finally, she hates her life and what it has so far cost.

  3. Joel is in finance.

    He has cooked his company’s books so well that they will never rot but still he starts whenever someone knocks on his door.

    And he no longer does up the collar button on his shirts.

  4. Larry does oil changes.

    Well, sometimes he changes the oil and other times he pretends to change the oil to increase margins is what Tony the boss said.

    But, what ya gonna do?

  5. Snow different.

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