And Every Sound Made Or Caused To Be Made Lasts Forever

Most folks have never been warned about back stabbing.

The knifing that is most likely to occur is by their own

hands or at the grasp of people who love them but

nevertheless, there is little doubt that each of

us will remember circumstances when we wish our words were without barbs.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

2 Responses to “And Every Sound Made Or Caused To Be Made Lasts Forever”

  1. I’ll uh, just pull that out.

    Take it back.

    It won’t hurt. You’ll see.


  2. Okay…

    I need a pan of hot water, the hottest they’ve got. Boil rocks if you have to!

    You there, we need towels of a decent thread count and make sure at least one side is clean.

    And yo… what? Are you filming this?!


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