And In This Universe Everyone Cross Dresses

The many universes thing.

We skate across these parallel universes and lose things, wonder why we said things and beat up innocent selves.

Looking from above at the many universes we can see ourselves skittering like a water beetle across the surface of Alive Lake.

We’re this person in this universe, that person with keys in their hand in that universe and an impetuous key-losing brat in the other.

We lose the memory of our other selves when we are just a few universes away. Kinda like driving through the mountains before satellite radio and eight track tapes.

Damned mind! Only reaching across a few universes…

We get hit by a bus a few universes away and have a heart attack in this one.

Get threatened in a nearby universe and have an anxiety attack in this one.

Oh, don’t think for one second that shit don’t transfer, it does.

We look at ourselves in a properly tilted set of mirrors and see many images of ourselves with the only difference being that each image contains more or fewer images of us.

Boy, leave it to us…

Giving ourselves hints and playing little jokes on ourselves because in some universe close to us, we are laughing our asses off right now and that’s why we’re fresh outa breath here.

Up, down and all around.

See how this works?

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

An Explanation Of Unexplainable Things

We feel the effects of parallel universes and without seeing the cause of our emotion can be confused as to why we are feeling this way.

Look sideways at your life and you may be able to imagine parallel lives at a distance that are causing you concern.

You know, staying with that retard just got you killed in a parallel life. Your penchant for late night coffee just made you dead in a car wreck and your receiver is receiving the faint edge emotion waves caused by the life ending event which is 270 degrees away from you. (I’m providing numbers as if consciousness was 360 degrees wide)

Dash a few parallel universes in the other direction (all done through imagining parallel lives and then purposefully going there) – not so far that you forget where stuff is – but far enough (degree 275?) that the pain in universe 270 stays behind.

You’ll probably still have the same ugly shoes, though.


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