And Some Humans Will Not Be Delighted Until Blah Blah Blah

when you kids stop fighting i'll be happy

Many folks entrust the of joy of life to chance and habit.

They excitedly exclaim “Gawd, I’ll be happy when…” and then fill in the details for some required event or behavior upon which their appreciation of life automatically hangs.

Verbalizing stalled satisfaction with consciousness becomes standard operating procedure for these people and before long they’re encouraging everyone around them to spout similar nonsense

so others can also waylay their enjoyment of existence to some time

in the future when their stars are perfectly aligned. Preferring

future circumstances over our present situation reduces

all engagement with Right Now and diminishes any

possibility of committed enrollment in the same

speculative existence we all must embrace.

When we find ourselves denigrating the

very moment in which we live this is

a clear signal that our fascination

facility is upside down and we

should stop, smell the roses

and turn it right-side up to

refill it with the breathless

wonder of here and now.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.




One Response to “And Some Humans Will Not Be Delighted Until Blah Blah Blah”

  1. I use – I await the day…

    It takes practice but I await the day don’t set aside contentment with life today.

    Sheeoot, on the daze that I am want to say that phrase I need all the happiness I can get and daren’t fire it off to some time tomorrow.

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