And The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth Exactly How Again?

Most folks have a bank account and pay big fees for this privilege.

At the birth of bank accounts there were no fees – at least none we could see.

Banks were happy just to have our legs shuffling pockets full of loot through their doors because everybody knew that once people carrying dough are on your turf, they can be convinced to hand it over.

After that pleasant beginning, however, our story takes a turn for the worse.

Small fees began to be charged for bank accounts and then for checks and most unpredictably, deposits. Before slowly boiled bank account holders knew what hit them they were paying for every transaction with their banks as well as accruing a fee every spin of the earth for their privileged bank account – even if they used none of their financial institution’s services!

As soon as nearly everyone had a bank account and were firmly strapped into exorbitant fees, these accounts became more difficult to secure and easier to lose. If a customer was a poor “account” risk at one bank they ran the risk of not being accepted as an account holder at another.

Yep, banks had agreed to band together like never before…

Then one day some banks announced they were making huge profits and as a result, were going to be laying off thousands of employees. Or alternatively that they were losing money and needed more from the average Joe via government bailouts.

Now the system was entirely upside down.

The meek got meeker and weaker and meeker and many were dumbed down and even more did not know this on account of being entertained to deaf.

Then one day the downtrodden began earnestly communicating and sharing their pissed offed-ness.

They quietly initiated the unthinkable.

Customers ceased being good customers and stopped all unnecessary banking. They cut out the valueless middlemen in every industry in every nation by directing their resources with the utmost of awareness.

Middlemen everywhere scrambled to save their hides but it was too late.

They had already been tanned.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.




3 Responses to “And The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth Exactly How Again?”

  1. No one fired a gun to get us into this mess and getting out requires the same amount.

    And uh, watch were you step and there’ll be no shite on your boots, either.


  2. This is as simple as using cash to pay for transactions and using debit cards less.

    When my father talked about the dangers of debit cards 20 years ago I didn’t believe him.

    He predicted the end of personal liberty from stupid debit cards. I just couldn’t believe what he was saying.

    Now I do.


  3. Control a person’s rice bowl and you control that person.



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