As Dude Surrounded Himself With Low Esteemers I Wanted Into That Club

My father attracted subservient people.

He became so good at it that he even found a god that would lend an ear to the great one himself, Gary Williams.

Dad started is own AA group (shush – its anonymous), his own church and attracted his own traveling Serpentine Fluid Promoter to preach to the faithful.

Course, he needed our autobody shop converted to a pew / pulpit system ASAP so could me and my brother please finish up our jobs and sweep out the place by Tuesday next week for the good of our eternal souls?

Yep. We could do that dad. And we did.

And he did.

My father sent a lot of people to heaven too.

Sorry, he showed them the way, he didn’t push them or anything.

One of them shit in his hide-a-bed and then hid it in the bed for god’s right hand man to clean up whence he got back from his wanderings.

This, I remember the old man being pissed about. Clean up your own shit in a free home you stole stuff outa the freezer from!

Jesus Christ don’t pinch hit for just anyone I remember my dad saying.

Yeah, to be on Captain Williams’ team you had to accept coaching based on one book and one dude’s interpretation of it.

Still, you eat what yer given on account of not leaving the table ’till you do.

Got that…?

Now, keep chewing.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Wisdom and Knowledge (the best spiritual teacher)



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