Asshole Is Not A Food So How Can We Be What We Eat?

get a brain morans guy holding mispelled sign

Most folks have no idea how their choice of caloric energy source is affecting them.

Sure they feel bloated and maybe a little bit bathroomish after super

sizing whatever it was they quickly shoveled into their

pie hole but the real magic happens once

the lack of mcvitamins hits all them

streams where their healthy

life blood should reside.

Anyone who does realize the critical importance

of diet and how it either greases our pan or tosses sand

into the sauce of our future thoughts & actions will happily

invest a wee bit ‘o consideration into what gains access to their

inside today. Saya, was you gonna finish them fries?

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Food is scary. Its like everything we are or can be comes from this stuff! (And I’m comprised of kraft fucking dinner! Mayhaps what we DO with that kraft dinner post gulping makes a bit of difference, too.)

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  1. Since I’m writing these stories from another dimension I also try to make the words resemble something else.

    I asked my son Brett what he thought this story resembled and he said the number three.

    Me, I was thinking front of an ocean going vessel. You know, the bulb and stuff?

    #3 WTF?!


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