At One Time I Had Everything…

Yeah, a while back I was proud as pickles to act as a servant runner-up for the great Barney of The World Famous Barney’s Motel.

Oy, those were the days…

barneys motel sign - rooms are big, you come see, even got a room to pee
No doubt about it, this sign got us some attention

Then we got burned out…

barney's motel hot deals on non smoking rooms
Yep, The Old Barnster Had A Weird Sense Of Humor

barneys motel burned section being knocked down 4 months after fire
40 years to build up, one day to tear down

barneys motel happy face sign
People would stop to take photos of our sign – cool!

barneys motel with van out front
Humor made and sold Barney’s Motel

And I got some good stories to tell about them, too.

Stick around, friend.


Silly beggar even kept records!*/

5 Responses to “At One Time I Had Everything…”

  1. Hi Barry

    Those signs look suspiciously like your handiwork to me!



  2. Yeah, I was the Barnster and man, did I have a blast with all those signs!

  3. What?! You can smell me from there!

  4. This is great Barry, the first ‘graphic novel’ post. 8) See, you CAN write a post with less than a thousand words. 😉

    I might try this – thanks for the idea.

    John McNally recently posted..Happy Sheep and Happy Artist

  5. Uh, yeah. What he said…

    Graphic novel? You might have given me an idea for me giving you an idea.


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