Banks Give Two Shits And One Is Not For You.

Mama sent Billie to the corner store.

The beggars were outa bread.

Billie said,

Mama, I had to pay anyway!

That’s what the storekeep said.

Paying for bread when there ain’t no bread?!

Mama couldn’t figure like the storekeep did.

She paid and breadless Billie came home…


Will that be cash or charge?

The checkout girl asked.

She added up the cost and mama was aghast.

She charged for:

Buying and stocking and bagging their food!

Selling wasn’t enough, they needed more loot!

Complain if you dare, mama, it won’t do no good…


A bill from the fuel station.

We ain’t bought no gas.

Even with a discounted petro card pass!

Don’t buy no gas?

You still gotta pay!

Cry out if ya want ta,

Again and again.

Bitch ’til your face is all twisty and blue,

Banks care mostly ’bout banks,

Not about you.




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