Barry L. Williams – Author and MotherFucking Liar

barry williams fat bastard neck size

Holy, ouch!

“Oh, Ahm nat sure ah kin eat much more crow, sir…”

I am a liar and I don’t like being a liar. But look at my pants, they’re on fire!

Look at my tongue. Its as long as a fucking telephone wire!

Oh, the big fat self of me is sick.

Sick, sick, sick.

Sick of pretending to be the smart guy when I’m having trouble

not being the fat bastard that free will wants me to be!

I keep telling my wife not to worry about being overweight but then,

rat here in front of gawd and everyone I fail a simple, 90 day experiment

about whether or not I am a filthy, lying bastard.


Oooohhhh. I doan lak dis fillen…

Ahma stop tinking bout dis until I gets me wits about me.

Sorry, friend. Real sorry.

Barry out.

Heya, r u using dat bucket?



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  1. Ahma not actin in this photo either.


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