Before Long No One Will Be Hitting Anyone And Nothing Will Get Done

My spoiling was not the result of any rods being spared at home.

Rather, I was spoiled through the understanding of the voluntary nature behind my parents employing violence as a tool of influence. The instant I realized these people had the ability to utilize other avenues to

claim righteousness but chose not to, I directed the blame of

every gratuitous painful private prison experience to

them and promised that I would learn from their

inability to. I was totally unprepared for the

fact that I had been programed at some

deeper level to think like my father,

whine like my mother and suffer

repetitive indignities again &

again as me robot stumbled

this very thin line which led

to the only place where

I could be myself.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Yeah, they got me good.

4 Responses to “Before Long No One Will Be Hitting Anyone And Nothing Will Get Done”

  1. Sorry to hear about what you have experienced from your parents. If you think that they are making you like a robot. Let us give them a benefit of the doubt, maybe it’s their way to show they care to you. I hope the discipline they had imposed brings out the best in you.
    Benson Rivera recently posted..My Arowana Is Not Eating No Matter What I Do !!!

  2. Well, as a matter of fact, their discipline has brought out the best in me. I hit my kids twice as much as my folks hit me.

  3. Hello Barry,

    I know you have painful experience in the past but letting your kids experience what you experience is not a good idea. I hope you will find the true peace in your heart.
    Janis T. Obrien recently posted..Chromagen filters

  4. I guess history is out of the question then, right Janis?

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