Before We Knew It Wolves In Dogs Clothing Watched Over Every Herd

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation article November 6, 2011:

N.W.T. government investigating alleged whistleblower

Secrecy before honesty take heed

The fact is well understood that humans and dirty laundry go together.

What is not as well known is the lengths some launderers will go to manage that soiled linen or if by “managing” what is really meant is that it will be secreted away somewhere unnaturally pristine where all dirt will eventually just fall or be swept away, leaving squeaky clean threads which can be donned for the next spate of mud slinging.

There can be no doubt that every modern organization exhibits similar illnesses as those seen in average families but the big boys may have been pulling our fine as frog’s hair legs as it seems something is seriously amiss regarding how bad news is acted upon in the land of legal fictions (LOLF).

See if you recognize any of these malodorous scents wafting around the planet these daze:

  • Governments have been revealed as disingenuous and wildly opportunistic (secrecy / fleecing above all)
  • Leading financial institutions have been exposed as purveyors of pure skullduggery (winning at all costs)
  • Oil & nuclear energy industries have been outed and reviled as nefarious wizards of Oz (environmentally ignorant profiteers)
  • Religious leaders and society’s elite ooze the puss of endemic corruption (big boyz agin girly boys)
  • Police forces and state controlled hounds around the world are on display as out-of-control factions staffed by broken people (rampant elitism & moral disengagement)

We were always led to believe that the good guys in society wore white and the bad guys wore black but colors mean squat today and all the pledging of allegiance to some outdated concept will not return us to those simple times when good versus evil was the main struggle we

Accepted. Once upon a time we were stunned if leaders or their minions

Performed like criminals but that shock has passed and sheeple are

Forced to nervously watch their own backs no matter who

Is tending the flock because nothing can be taken for

Granted anymore. We are being taught to live

In a permanent state of grey and while the

Captain doesn’t seem to care that folks

Are jumping overboard in droves

They are and our handlers will

Need a heck of a lot more

Than good luck & safe

Harbor to coax us

Back onboard.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

I could understand this coming from the Hells Angels who do not profess to be angels. These days this behavior from the RCMP is becoming old hat.

British Columbia Canada mountie sexual harassment




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