Bing?! Bing WHO?! On The Planet Google Ahm A Frigging Somebody!

barry williams search results with proxy server november 2012

At one time not one of the browser gods would recognize me.

Nary a one!

I existed only in the silly, real world…


Then one day after tapping out some messages from a motel in Brandon, Manitoba I found myself on page 81!

Then 65!

One day I thought about making a me especially for Google.

A Google Me.

That’s what I set out to do and that is what I have done.

Today, November 14, 2012, using a proxy browser I found my newly invented self near the bottom of page 3.

Even the Real Barry Williams can’t stop me now!

Praise you Lawd Google!

Ahah, hahhah, hahhahhahhahhahahahhahahaaaaaaaaaag…

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