Birthday Suited Mohandas Gandhi JUST SLEPT With His Nude Nieces. SLEPT.

Yukiya Amano says IAEA decides disaster measures voluntaryYukiya Amano.

Yukiya Amano, Yukiya Amano, Yukiya Amano.

I like the way this dude’s name sounds and hopefully you do too because you’re going to be hearing it a lot more.

In his previous role as Japan’s foreign minister he would have gotten to know a lot of shakers and movers from many countries and he sure as heck would have racked up a pile of comrades during his twenty-seven year stint in the Japanese government.

So Mr. Amano is now quite likely the worst person in the world to have as the head of the IAEA since it’s obvious that Japan and The Nuclear Industry are dragging the entire planet into a deadly, smouldering hell-hole via Fukushima and Ft. Calhoun among other hot and mostly secret spots around the globe.

Yeah, at Nuremberg Two when the dust settles & is neutralized – Yukiya, his friendly guv’ment conspirators and da boys from da fission factory is gonna have plenty o’ splainin’ to do.

And in some future time not far down the road, I hear an anxious, angry crowd chanting: Yuki-ya! Yuki-ya! Yuki-ya!

But in my dream he will not answer.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Brother Gandhi Was Kinda Twisted when it came to Sex

The woman introducing Yukiya in this 2009 video is acting Big Time. Of course, the future is about to show that the Yukiyameister is too.

In this March 12, 2011 video, Yukiya provides some of the very first big lies about the disaster now poisoning the entire planet.

Two daze later, Yukiya shows how organized the IAEA’s command center is. Look, they’ve got binders with drawings and everyone gets their own vest. The news update on how fuk’d things are is appreciated, too. Thanks Yukiya.

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  1. Seven years later and fukushima continues to poison the world. So friggin sad!

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