Brainwashing? No, I Ain’t Seen no Brainwashing Around Here. Around Here.

Fake Mcdonalds signA bare bulb has to be shining into our exhausted, fearful face.

And the room should be stinky and small.

Otherwise, forget about any mind-bending going on. It ain’t happening under friendly, no pressure situations.

Is it? 😎

It most certainly IS.

The clothes we wear, the places we live and the language we speak have all been determined for us.

Its true. Our brains are more scrubbed than anyone’s favorite jeans.

But only until we figure out who’s running the laundry.

After that we clean our own grey matter.

And change our own mind.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

And listen to this wacko would ya. Sheesh!




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