Businesses Fail When Customers Avoid Them But Gubmints Don’t Work That Way

Most folks know about democracy.

They understand that humans

have attempted many forms

of political mass control

and this one doesn’t work either.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Houston, we have a problem…

Recent  local election turnout results from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

Notice how they don’t mention the elephant in the room

Voter turnout crawls upward in Saskatoon, Regina

Despite a noticeable increase in the voter turnout in Saskatoon and Regina, the number of people who cast ballots in the municipal election remains well below the 50 per cent mark in those cities.

Here are the numbers:

  • Eligible voters (2012): 180,411.
  • Votes cast (2012): 66,497.
  • Turnout (2012): 36 per cent.
  • Turnout (2009): 26 per cent.
  • Eligible voters (2012): 160,000.
  • Votes cast (2012): 51,103.
  • Turnout (2012): 33 per cent.
  • Turnout (2009): 21 per cent.

The continued low turnout rankles some, who wonder why so many people choose to stay home.


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