But First We Must Get Into A Deep Wineatative State

1. In the physical realm there are a limited number of named geographical areas.

2. This is not the case with our imaginative faculties which allow the average person to act out any condition they desire.

3. Unfortunately, just like folks stuck in a couple of heavily populated geographical states, many people choose to invent and exercise only a few mental conditions.

4. This causes boredom, sad predictability and closed mindedness.

5. In order for the human race to become more introspective and wise, it is incumbent upon each neuron in the big brain (us) to invest more time producing deeper and more aware existence in our own lives.

6. Taking a few minutes at the end of each day / week / month to ponder our achievements / near misses / failures is the key to altered future behavior.

7. This can all take place in our minds.

8. And unless one already owns a floatation tank this process easiest to do with a glass of good wine.


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