Canada, Fuck Ya!

We’ve got plenty of reason to be happy here in Canada.

Mostly because we’re laying right beside the biggest elephant in the room and when it moves, we better move, too.

And it moves everywhere, all the time …

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

8 Responses to “Canada, Fuck Ya!”

  1. Entertaining videos Barry and they were short enough for me to watch. πŸ˜‰ The first one would be funny if it wasn’t so near the truth. Good guitar picking by Jerry Reed, I wouldn’t mind hearing some more of that.

    John McNally recently posted..5 Ways to Schedule Blog Posts

  2. Thanks John.

    I really appreciate and understand the Team America theme song as it displays the pompous attitude of the United States as the big country on the block who bullies all the other global kids.

    Canada is helpless beside this powerhouse and we remain a separate country in name only. If the Americans want Canadian troops to continue the extraordinarily wasteful conflict in Afghanistan, we will capitulate. If they want our money to be valued differently, they do that too.

    Maybe this is why I am such a fervent anti-nationalist. Our handlers use the names of our locales to suit us up and encourage us to point thundersticks at each other with little long term geographical consequence other than the loss of many “sneeches” lives. Pure craziness.

    So yeah, I feel pretty strongly about this but the more I discuss it, the more like James Joyce I appear. I am so insane.

    And I like being this way…

  3. @Barry Williams, Don’t change Barry, you wouldn’t be you. πŸ˜‰ I can understand Canada being dominated by geography, but what excuse has the UK got? We have the Atlantic Ocean between us. πŸ™„ Tony Blair was an embarrassing sycophant to America, and our servicemen are now paying with their lives. In January he is beinq quizzed again about the secret Bush/Blair deal over Iraq. I really want him brought before a War Crimes court.

    John McNally recently posted..5 Ways to Schedule Blog Posts

  4. Hi Barry, If that elephant farts, which it does quite often, make sure you take cover my friend.

    I must admit to being a little baffled by the post title Barry, but as i just said to my daughter (who came into the room during the 1st video), its your blog to write what ever you wish to write.

    I hope you’re well my friend, don’t let them get you down as that only affects you and your loved ones.

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  5. Thanks for your comment Barry.

  6. Well, it’s different. As Barry Wells said, “when the elephant farts…”, just watch out for any follow-through.

    You ought to come to Australia, at least we can bully New Zealand.

    Don Maisey recently posted..Don’s eMart

  7. Thanks Don.

  8. Hi Barry

    I have not been doing the blog rounds because of you know what.

    I have to agree with John about Blair. I’ll bet if his own sons were in danger of becoming cannon fodder in Afghanistan, he wouldn’t have been so quick to lick Bush’s arse.

    I always think it would be great if the politicians were obliged to lead the front line, war would then become a thing of the past.

    Afghanistan is a war that will never be won, if Russia couldn’t do it, the Yanks and the Brits have no chance. Eventually they will all pull out and all those young lives will have been lost for what?

    Bill Murney recently posted..Corryvreckan

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