Cat Astro Phe Don’t Sound So Bad If You Say It Real Slow

Twenty-twelve is supposed to be the last year for Mayan calender sales.

Probably just a neat coincidence because how could the M-meisters

have known that these daze nuclear things would go wonky

at Fukushima as well as predict a world wide economic

collapse of previously unheard of proportions? Me

thinks the whole Mayan calender thing is just

some scam to drive up the value of rocks

with little carvings on them but the big

nuclear and economic crap river we

are about to start paddling with our bare hands looks real enough alright.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Free version of Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth by R. Buckminster Fuller

2 Responses to “Cat Astro Phe Don’t Sound So Bad If You Say It Real Slow”

  1. Captain Francesco Schettino of the recent Costa Concordia cruise ship accident knows that just squeaking too close to trouble can cause a pile ‘o trouble and this is the same reason our economies and environments are in the same boat.

    Too much just squeaking by instead of continuously clearing the channels.

    If countries can’t manage their finances with all the professions they say they have, how can independent people survive and thrive in their lives?


  2. The experienced Captain Schettino also said there was no problem for the first little while when everyone else thought there might be.

    Okay, just a wee generator problem. (It fell out the side of the boat that we just ripped open.)

    But everything’s okaysidaisy…

    And then – Whoops! Young cappy and his minions slip and fall into a lifeboat while customers are fighting for their lives in and on the overturned ship.

    The problem here has little to do with even the sad cappy and more to do with the culture which produced him. As in: Monster Sea, Monster Do.


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